Kevin Owens On Goldberg Not Being Ready For His Kind Of Match At WWE Fastlane, Chris Jericho, 'Mania

Kevin Owens spoke with ESPN ahead of his upcoming match against Goldberg at this Sunday's Fastlane PPV. You can watch the full interview in the videos below. Here are some of the highlights:

If Goldberg is prepared for their match:

"I'll answer this as honestly as I can, because that's always the way I do things, and that answer is 'No.' Because, see, ya know, anybody who's followed Goldberg's career, or even people who haven't followed Goldberg's career and have only been familiar with him for the last two or three months since he's been back in WWE, guess what? You've already seen everything Goldberg can do. You've seen a spear, you've seen a jackhammer. That's pretty much where it ends, but I've been here for about two years, and yet, I've only scratched the surface of what I can do and the people who have followed me, throughout my entire career, before I got to WWE will tell you that's a fact. So, I don't think Goldberg is ready for the kind of main event that I'm going to bring to him at Fastlane, absolutely not."

Chemistry with Chris Jericho:

"The one word I would use to describe that chemistry is 'undeniable' because anybody who's watched WWE over the past six, seven, eight months, ya know a blind man could have seen the chemistry we had. Which is why were were a part of so many memorable moments and that chemistry doesn't end just because I attacked him. Ya know chemistry, a lot of times, goes both ways, great friends make even better enemies, so, we'll see what happens over the coming months."

Potentially main eventing WrestleMania:

"As special as it was last year, being a part of my first WrestleMania, which I renamed, the first "KO Mania." This year is going to be even more special when I walk in as the Universal Champion and I get to defend the title in the main event, and you're right, after Sunday no more speed bumps, The 'Road to WrestleMania'- I call it the 'Road to KO Mania II' is going to get even better from there and I'm going to show everybody that the reason why I call it 'KO Mania' is because once I walk into that stadium in Orlando at WrestleMania, it's going to turn into 'The Kevin Owens Show.'"

Kevin Owens also talked about Goldberg getting a title match so quickly. Again, you can see the full interview in the videos below.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit ESPN with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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