News On Why Betting Sites Were So Off With WWE Fastlane

As seen last night, the final betting odds were wrong for three matches at last night's WWE Fastlane pay-per-view. Braun Strowman (-900), Nia Jax (-1700) and Charlotte Flair (-170) were all favorites in their respective matches, which they ended up losing.

For recent shows, we've been putting "Spoilers" in the title for the final betting odds when the smart money is in because they almost always end up being the final result. We didn't do that last night because the smart money never appeared to come in.

Normally a few hours before the pay-per-view goes on the air, you'll see huge shifts in the betting lines. That did not happen last night, as the odds stayed consistent all day. The reason we posted the odds so late yesterday was because we were waiting for the smart money to come in, which never happened.

For example, the morning of The Royal Rumble, John Cena was a -570 favorite in his match with AJ Styles. When the smart money came in, John Cena jumped to become a -4500 favorite. The morning of the Survivor Series last November, Goldberg was a +280 underdog. Once the smart money came in, he was a -900 favorite.


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