Paul Heyman On Brock Lesnar "Victimizing" Kevin Owens, Miz On "My Son Is A WWE Superstar", Birthdays

- Paul Heyman posted this video to hype Sunday's WWE live event at Madison Square Garden, which will feature Brock Lesnar vs. Kevin Owens.

"Condolences to Kevin Owens," Heyman said. "[You will show up] to be beaten, victimized and conquered all as a message to Goldberg. This beating, this violence that's coming your way is courtesy of my client, Brock Lesnar!"

- Wrestling legend Nikita Koloff turns 58 years old today while former Tag Team Champion Rick Steiner turns 55, former WWE star Tiger Ali Singh turns 46 and former WWE Women's Champion Melina turns 38.

- This week's episode of "My Son Is a WWE Superstar" on the WWE website will feature The Miz. Below is a preview:


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