Reby Hardy's Fiery Tweets Continue ? Gives Update On TNA Legal Issue And Matt Hardy's Contract

As previously noted, the "broken" character is attempted to be held up by Anthem and Impact Wrestling due to the feeling that the gimmick is their intellectual property. Yesterday, Matt's wife, Reby, posted a series of fiery tweets to express her disgust of how the contract situation is unfolding.


Reby has posted another series of tweets, providing an update on the Anthem cease and desist and Matt Hardy's contract details while he was in Impact.

UPDATE: TNA sending "spooky" letters to cable providers threatening to sue if they air Hardys. Trying to screw ROH & ruin wrestling for fans. Hardys just EXISTING & providing for our family, mind you. I think they believe they own our birth certificates at this point. TNA trying to ruin wrestling for all fans out of spite, but CONTRACTS ARE UP. *YOU* let them expire, REMEMBER? You don't own these boys!

"Irony is, Matt's contract did not include exclusivity; could have legally appeared on ANY televised program WHILE UNDER TNA CONTRACT. Don't ever want to hear anyone talk about "burning bridges" when this move, which f–ks ROH & cable providers, leaves the most ashes behind.

"TNA would rather destroy biz relationships with ROH & cable providers for the sake of trying to fck the Hardys. Think about that! Who is going to want to work with you now ? I mean, with the exception of GFW guys coming to IMPACT tapings for $20 towards greyhound fare."