Rich Swann On Possibly Not Having A WrestleMania Match, Where The Cruiserweight Division Is Now

Josh Barnett has a new interview with Rich Swann for USA Today's "For The Win" section. Below are a couple of highlights:

With Neville vs. Austin Aries being announced, where it leaves him for WrestleMania:

"I just hope that I get to perform and get a match. I tell you what, though, I think that will be a great match for the division, when you consider Austin Aries' list of accomplishments and everything he has done in this industry. That will be a banging match. If I do not get a chance to participate at WrestleMania that is one match that I am going to keep an eye on."

Where the Cruiserweight Division is overall:

"It takes time for the WWE Universe to really digest about seven to eight new guys that are coming on the scene and it's hard to get to know everybody. Now the WWE Universe is starting to get to know everyone's personalities and who some of these guys really are, and what their agendas are in the division.

"Things are really starting to heat up with the cruiserweight division and on 205 Live, especially with Neville coming in and shaking things up and really proving his stature as King of the Cruiserweights. With him winning the cruiserweight championship at the Royal Rumble, I feel that was a big driving point for the division.

"The cruiserweights are out showing that we aren't some guys who are 205 pounds or less flying around and not knowing what to do in there. We are showing that we can put on some of the best matches that WWE has to offer."

Swann also discussed his dance moves, how his life has changed over the last nine months, winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: USA Today


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