Ring Of Honor TV Recap: The Bullet Club Vs. Lethal, Fish & The Briscoes, Kazarian Turns On Daniels

Ring Of Honor TV
Episode #285
Taped @ Stage AE In Pittsburgh, PA

It's been a very eventful week for Ring Of Honor. With last Saturday's Manhattan Mayhem producing two major surprises. The first being The Broken Hardy's showing up before their scheduled match against The Young Bucks on April 1st. An impromptu tag match took place Saturday between The Hardy's and Young Bucks, and it saw The Hardy's continue their "Expedition of Gold" by defeating the Bucks to procure The ROH World Tag Team Championships. Perhaps an even bigger surprise was the ROH debut of Bully Ray. Who appeared at the end of the show and saved The Briscoes and Bobby Fish from the hands of The Bullet Club.


The Hardy's and Bully Ray are now scheduled to be a part of Ring Of Honor's 15th Anniversary PPV this Friday night. The Hardy's will be in a triple threat Las Vegas street fight. Where they will defend their newly won ROH tag titles against The Young Bucks and Roppongi Vice. Bully Ray will be in a Six-Man match teaming with The Briscoes against Davey Boy Smith Jr. and War Machine.


This week's ROH TV opens with a video promo from what's being dubbed as Team ROH. Consisting of Jay Lethal, The Briscoes and Bobby Fish. In the video below, They hype their main event 8 man tag against Adam Cole, Cody and The Young Bucks.

Ian Riccaboni and Dalton Castle are on commentary to open the show. Castle jokes with Ian about getting him out of his clothes to get more comfortable. Castle is out here to scout this match because he and the boys will be facing the winners of this next match at The 15th anniversary ppv.

Ring Of Honor Six-Man Championship Match
The Kingdom (c) (Matt Taven, TK O'Ryan & Vinny Marseglia) Vs. The Rebellion (Caprice Coleman, Rhett Titus & Kenny King)


O'Ryan and Titus start things off. Going tit for tat early on until Titus lands hard on the mat and sells tweaking his ankle. Caprice Coleman tags himself into the match. Vinny Marseglia follows suit for The Kingdom. Some comedy ensues between the two of them. They both shake each others hands and then stomp on each other's foot at the same time. They then grab each other's foot and start trash talking one other. When they both agree to let go. They poke each other in the eyes. Both men exit the ring and now Adam Taven is one on one with Kenny King.

Taven gets the better of King during a fast paced exchange. Rhett Titus tags back in and goes on an offensive flurry against all 3 members of The Kingdom. He then falls to the mat and starts clutching his right knee. Adam Taven tries to capitalize on the fallen Rhett. Referee Paul Turner steps in between them and calls the match to a halt. Caprice Coleman and Kenny King are in the ring checking on their fallen Rebellion partner. The show heads to break during this stoppage....


When the show returns, footage is shown of what took place during the break. Rhett Titus was escorted to the back with what Ian Riccaboni labels as a potential MCL injury.... The match continues with The Rebellion now facing a 3 on 2 disadvantage. Coleman and Taven end up knocking each other down. They both attempt to crawl to their corners. TK O'Ryan falls over the ropes leaning into the ring. Referee Paul Turner tries to get him back onto the apron. While this is happening, Caprice tags in Kenny King but because the referee did not see the tag. He orders King back into his corner. Marseglia sneaks over to Kenny King and ambushes him. He throws him into the barricade to take him out. Caprice Coleman is now left to fend for himself and gets isolated in The Kingdom's side of the ring. Caprice eventually breaks free and attempts to get his corner to make the tag but Kenny King is still laid out on the outside.

Lio Rush makes his way to the ring dressed in Rebellion styled gear. He then leaps onto the apron, reaches out his hand and gets tagged into the match by Coleman. Referee Paul Turner ok's Lio's involvement as the replacement for Rhett Titus. Rush then hits a double springboard elbow onto Marseglia and O'Ryan. He then follows that up with suicide dives on Taven and TK O'Ryan. Rush now tags in Kenny King. They both go to work on The Kingdom. King hits a spinebuster on Marseglia. King starts showboating and taunting the crowd. Moments later, when King turns around. Lio Rush hits him with a cutter and lays him out. The Kingdom picks up a fallen Kenny King and they hit their triple team assisted power bomb finish to secure the victory.


The Kingdom defeats The Rebellion to retain The ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championships

As a result of this match. The Kingdom will now go to defend their titles against Dalton Castle and The Boys at the pay-per-view this Friday night.

After the break. Dueling promos air with Jay White and Jay Briscoe. The promo is designed to hype their match on ROH TV in two weeks. In it, White starts things off by talking about how he took Jay Briscoe to a time limit draw in Philly a few months back, and how he wants a rematch with him. Briscoe takes exception to Jay White's claim that he "took" him to the limit. Briscoe says that top prospects can't "take" him to anything. That the only reason that they went to a draw last time was because he didn't realize that the match was only scheduled to be 15 minutes long. That the next time they face, Jay White is going to be "dog food"......

Back at ringside. Ian Riccaboni recaps what took place in the Six-Man title match at the top of the show. He asks Dalton Castle for his take on facing The Kingdom with the Boys at the pay-per-view. Castle goes into a comical rant about how The Kingdom put their hands on his boys and how he is going to make them pay. He makes a few strange comedic analogies about confronting a grinning bobcat and getting rabbies as a result. He then hurls a few silly insults at The Kingdom and calls them "fart eaters".....


Ring Of Honor Top Prospect Tournament
1st Round Match
Raphael King W/Devyn Nicole Vs. "The Kingpin" Brian Milonas

Brutal Bob Evans has now joined Ian Riccaboni on commentary. Promos air for each competitor. King is from Atlanta. He is labeled as a reality tv star and he is accompanied to the ring by his wife Devyn Nicole. His gimmick is that he is part of the big brother omega fraternity. He wears a frat jacket to the ring. In his promo, He talks about stomping the yard and proving his greatness. In The Kingpin's promo, The super heavyweight Brian Milonas calls himself the irresistible force and the immovable object.

Milonas lights up King with some heavy blows early on. King battles back and hits a basement dropick on The Kingpin. He starts showboating and pays for it when he gets splashed into the corner twice. Milonas then hits a cross body on King. He then attempts to leap off the second rope and hit a seated senton but misses. King then hits a running foot stomp on Milonas and covers him for a 2 count. The action then heads out to the ring apron. Milonas charges at King but Devyn Nicole moves her husband out of the way. King then strikes Milonas with a high knee. With the ref's back turned, Nicole strikes Milonas as well. King then hits the rock bottom on Milonas and covers him for a near fall.


King attempts another Rock Bottom but Milonas blocks it. He counters it and hits a side walk slam. Brian Milonas then finishes off King by hitting a backwards senton. Milonas covers King for the pinfall. Nicole tries to leap into the ring and break up the attempt but is unable to do so, as Milonas scores the pinfall victory.

Brian Milonas defeats Raphael King to advance to the semi-finals of The Top Prospect Tournament

Milonas now joins John Skyler in advancing to the next round. Skyler will go on to face the winner of The Preston Quinn-Curt Stallion match. While Milonas will take on the winner of the Josh Woods-Chris Lerusso bout.

A No DQ match is hyped for next week on ROH TV between War Machine against BJ Whitmer & "Punishment" Martinez.

An ad airs hyping the lineup for ROH's 15th anniversary pay-per-view this Friday Night.... In the video below, Christopher Daniels reflects on his ROH career and what may be his final chance to become ROH Champion.


Christopher Daniels joins Ian Riccaboni on commentary for this week's main event. The Bullet Club makes their way to the ring in the video below.

Ring Of Honor TV Main Event
The Bullet Club (Adam Cole, Cody & The Young Bucks) Vs. Jay Lethal, Bobby Fish & The Briscoes

The Bullet Club tries to play mind games early on. They try to get Lethal to "Too Sweet" them. Lethal instead punches Cody, Nick Jackson and Adam Cole. He knocks them all off the apron. All hell breaks loose now with all 8 men involved. Lethal leaps to the outside onto Cody. The Bucks and Briscoes also go to the air during the melee. 6 of the men battle on the outside while Lethal and Cody make their way back inside the ring. They go at it for awhile. Lethal wins the exchange and heads to the outside again. Now it's Adam Cole and Bobby Fish. Cole gets the better of Fish and nails him with a bicycle kick. Fish battles back with a high knee. Both men roll to the outside. Now it's The Bucks and Briscoes. They trade blows inside the ring. The Bucks hit stereo superkicks on Jay & Mark. Lethal is back inside. He eats a double superkick. The Bucks now do their terminator spot and leap onto Team ROH at ringside.


The frantic pace continues. When The Briscoes retaliate by going to the air themselves. Mark Briscoe hits a running blockbuster on Matt Jackson. Briscoe then starts battling with Cody. They head to the top rope. Cody superplexes Mark Briscoe onto everyone at ringside. The crowd erupts with a Holy Chant, and a this is awesome chant as the show goes to break.

Back from the break. Mark Briscoe is getting beaten down in The Bullet Club's corner. The Bucks hit a pop up hurricanrana on Briscoe. The Bullet Club alternates in and out of the ring, roughing up Mark Briscoe. Eventually Briscoe is able to get out of trouble and tag in Jay Lethal. Jay comes in and goes after Adam Cole. He knocks him down to the outside with a springboard drop kick. Just as team ROH is gaining the advantage, The Bucks and Cody run into the ring and knock The Briscoes and Bobby Fish off of their apron. They then attempt to triple team Lethal but Jay is able to thwart their efforts. Lethal then heads to the air and hits suicide dives on both Nick and Matt Jackson. He then attempts one on Cody but Rhodes pulls Bobby Fish in the way. Lethal superkicks Cody and then goes into the ring after Adam Cole.

Lethal hits the "Lethal Combination" on Cole. Just then, a recovered Bobby Fish runs into the ring and starts arguing with Lethal. He shoves him. Mark Briscoe tags himself into the match and attempts to play peacemaker. Lethal and Fish continue to argue and then start trading blows. Lethal and Fish then brawl to the outside and into the crowd. While The Briscoes follow after them and try to break them up.


The show returns from the break and footage is shown of what took place during it. Lethal and Fish are shown brawling all the way to the back of the arena..... Meanwhile, The Briscoes are left alone and surprisingly have the momentum in their favor. Both Mark and Jay have all 4 Bullet Club members reeling in the ring after taking several punches and uppercuts from them. The Club attempts to hit a quadruple superkick but The Briscoes evade it, spring off the ropes, and lay all 4 men down with double clotheslines. Jay and Mark then hit a power bomb/neck breaker combo on Matt Jackson. They cover him for a near fall. The Briscoes then try and end the match quickly and rush towards hitting the Doomsday Device on Matt Jackson, but Matt lands on his feet and superkicks the Briscoes. Cody then hits the beautiful disaster on Jay Briscoe. The Bucks and Adam Cole then hit a triple superkick on Jay, and Cody follows that up with Cross Rhodes...... Mark Briscoe is next up. He eats a double superkick/last shot combo by the Bucks and Cole. Mark is then finished off The Bucks, who hit the Meltzer Driver and then pin him for the victory.

The Bullet Club defeats Jay Lethal, Bobby Fish & The Briscoes


After the match. Adam Cole is in the ring alone posing with his ROH World Championship. Christopher Daniels on commentary decides to leave the broadcast table and confront him. He says that he is going to interrupt Cole's party and that he has some "party favors" for him..... Daniels then gets behind Cole in the ring and whispers into his ear. They start trash talking, and then start trading blows. Cole then attempts to hit Daniels with the world title. Daniels ducks and hits the Angel's Wings on him. Daniels reaches into his bag and pulls out his "party favors".... Which is a pair of scissors and clippers. He then teases cutting Adam's hair. Cole tries to fight back but gets hit with the "angel's wings" again.

Frankie Kazarian makes his way to the ring now to help Daniels cut Cole's hair. When Daniels goes over to get his clippers again. Kazarian takes off his hoodie to reveal that he has a Bullet Club shirt on underneath. When Daniels turns to face Cole, He sees Kazarian standing in front of him with the shirt on. Daniels has a stunned look on his face. He's in disbelief but pushes Kaz aside, to go after Cole. Kazarian knocks the clippers out of Daniels hands. Daniels argues with Kaz and backs him into the opposite corner. Kaz flashes the too sweet symbol and when Daniels turns around. He is superkicked by the returning Young Bucks. Cody and Hangman Page are on the stage laughing. Daniels is laid out in the ring. The entire Bullet Club with their newest member Frankie Kazarian stand over Christopher Daniels to end the show.