ROH '15th Anniversary PPV' Results: Adam Cole Vs. Christopher Daniels, Hardys-Bucks-RPG Vice 3 Way

At Sam's Town Live In Las Vegas, Nevada


The pay-per-view kicks off with a video package showcasing the 15 year history of Ring Of Honor. Highlights are shown from many of ROH's best moments and wrestlers. The video then transitions to the hype for tonight's world title main event between Adam Cole and Christopher Daniels. Cole ends the video package stating that he is going to kill Daniels career tonight. The 15th anniversary trailer is in the video below.

At ringside on commentary are Kevin Kelly, Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana.



Evenly contested early on. A lot of standing switches and both men end up trading arm drags. The pace picks up as both men criss cross in the ring. Jay White nails Kenny King with a drop kick. King retaliates quickly with a spinning leg kick. Jay White tries to turn things back in his favor and attempts The Kiwi Crusher. King avoids it, he then sends White to the apron and then to the outside. Kenny then leaps on top of White with a beautiful corkscrew dive. Action back in the ring. White and King continue to try the advantage back and forth. White finally starts to build up some momentum and sends King to the outside. When he attempts a suicide dive on King, Caprice Coleman pulls himself in the way to take the bullet for Kenny.

Jay White then hits a Urinagi on King. Back in the ring.... White hits a flying cross body on King and gets a near pinfall. After a few counters and reversals, King connects with a dvd into a neck breaker. He follows that up with double knees on White in the corner. Kenny then hits a pretty bridge suplex on Jay and gets a near fall out of it. Moments later, Both men start trading multiple strikes. A nice sequence follows where White hits a flatliner and a snap german suplex. King battles back with a sick looking spinebuster. Both men are down and struggle to get back up. When they do, They battle into the corner. White suplexes King into the bottom turnbuckle. He covers King but Kenny puts his foot on the ropes. Both men end up battling to the top rope. King gets pushed off but lands on his feet. He then rushes towards White and hits a leaping martial arts kick. King tries to go to the top again, White pushes him off yet again. Jay then attempts a cross body on Kenny. King catches him and rolls through, picks him up and looks to hit his finisher but White counters King and pins him in the small package.


Jay White defeats Kenny King by pinfall

A video package airs chronicling Frankie Kazarian's recent betrayal of Christopher Daniels. It's followed by a backstage promo where The Young Bucks and Hangman Page congratulate Frankie Kazarian for what he did to Daniels and for joining The Bullet Club.



One fall to the finish here. Kazarian and Sabin start things off with a dual rolling cradle that leads to several 1 count pin attempts between the two. The action then heads to the outside. Sabin hits a suicide dive on Kazarian. Hangman Page hits a shooting star press off the apron and onto Sabin. Cheeseburger and Silas Young get involved. Burger flips Young over the top rope and onto them. Cheeseburger then leaps to the outside but gets caught in mid-air. Punishment Martinez is in and he leaps over the top rope and onto all the other 5 competitors.

Chaotic pace to this match. With all 6 man taking turns hitting high impact moves on each other. In a cool looking spot, Hangman Page teases hitting The Rite of Passage on the apron with Cheesburger. Martinez stops him in his tracks and hits a nice looking jumping chokeslam on Page.

The chaos continues. In another great looking move, Sabin hits a top rope suplex on Kazarian. Silas Young is back in the ring and goes after Sabin. He hits Misery on him but Cheeseburger breaks up the count. He and Silas go at for awhile. Burger hits his Shotei finish on Young and goes for the cover but Kazarian breaks it up. Frankie then hits the ace of spades on Burger and pins him.


Frankie Kazarian wins Six Man Mayhem to earn a shot at The Ring Of Honor World Television Championship


Fish takes it to Lethal early on. He controls the early action and sends Lethal to the outside with a stiff kick.

Bobby Fish continues to control the match for the next few minutes. Lethal finally rallies and and sends Fish to the outside. Jay tries to open the ropes fr Fish to re-enter the ring but Bobby refuses to do so. Lethal then hits a springboard drop kick on him. He tries to hit a suicide dive on Fish but Bobby guides Lethal into the barricade. Lethal injures his sternum and shoulder and begins to sell it throughout the match. Minutes later, Lethal starts to rally and connects with a delayed vertical suplex. He continues to sell the injuries. With Lethal laboring, Fish is able to recover and starts using strikes to go after Lethal. Lethal tries to battle back with strikes of his own but is struck down with a stiff kick by Fish. Bobby has all the momentum now and goes to work on Lethal. Jay is able to bide some time by going to the outside. The strategy works and Lethal goes on an offensive flurry that ends with Lethal hitting a suicide dive on Fish.


Both men roll into the ring and start going blow for blow. Fish goes berserk on Lethal with several stiff strikes. He then Spikes Lethal with a suplex and then covers him for a near fall. Fish then attempts to go for an ankle lock but Lethal is caught in the ropes. Fish has to break the hold and Jay springs off and hits a cutter on Fish. After a battle on the top rope between both men sees Fish fall down to the mat. Lethal attempts the hail to the king elbow drop but when he lands, Fish catches him in a crucifix and then transitions that into a knee bar submission. Lethal teases tapping out but he makes it to the ropes to break the submission. Jay then hits the Lethal combo on Fish and follows that up with The Hail To The King. Jay then attempts to hit The Lethal Injection but Fish counters out. After a few more counters and reversals, Jay Lethal leaps off the second rope and hits a cutter on Fish. The final sequence of the match sees Lethal go for the Lethal injection, Fish side steps and hits body punches and kicks, but after a missed kick, Lethal hit the Lethal injection for the pin..... That was a heck of a match.


Jay Lethal defeats Bobby Fish by pinfall


Castle and his "Boys" get the early advantage in this one by taking to the air. Very few instances here where all 6 men are not involved in the match at the same time. Castle and The Boys are way over with the crowd in Vegas. The Boys are still referred to as Boy #1 and Boy #2 and that gets mixed up all the time. A lot of fast paced action in this one. It was cut short however due to an injury to TK O'Ryan. He performed an Asai moonsault and landed poorly into the guardrail. It looks like he may have seriously injured his ankle. The finish was rushed after this injury. O'Ryan was carried to the back. Moments later, Matt Taven hit an assisted power bomb on Boy #1?... and pinned him to secure the victory for his team.


The Kingdom defeats Dalton Castle & The Boys to retain The ROH Six Man Tag Team Titles


Predictably, The "Villain" doesn't adhere to the Code of Honor with Lio Rush. A lot of mat based wrestling early on.... Kevin Kelly promises an update on TK O'Ryan's condition later on if it becomes available.... Scurll tries to go for his chicken wing submission, Rush is able to avoid it at every turn. Rush takes to the air and then hits a rana on Scurll on the outside floor. In a villain like move, When Rush attempts a baseball slide on Scurll. Marty pulls the ring apron curtain and traps Rush inside of it. He then kicks him in the jaw and then starts to go work on Rush's triceps. Scurll starts targeting several of Lio's joints for the next few minutes. He targets the arm and elbow joints. This all leads to Marty's signature finger snapping spot. Where he tells the audience to be silent so that they can hear his opponents fingers snap. Instead Lio Rush slaps Marty really hard before he can do it. Rush uses this moment to rally. He hits a springboard back elbow. Rush then connects with a nice looking twisting DDT for a near pinfall. Moments later, Scurll battles back and throws Rush in mid air into the top turnbuckle. Both me now battle to the apron. Lio takes to the air and hits a nice looking running double foot stomp to Marty's back. Rush then hits another double foot stomp on Marty now inside the ring.


The finishing sequence of the match sees Marty Scurll continue to attempt to target Lio's shoulder and lock in the chicken wing submission. Scurll nails Rush with a piledriver but Rush kicks out. Lio then hits a top rope splash on Scurll but he kicks out. Moments later, Scurll finally locks in the chicken wing after elbowing Rush in the head several times, ripping off the kineseo tape on Rush's shoulder and then applying the chicken wing, and Rush is forced to tap out.

Marty Scurll defeats Lio Rush by submission to retain The ROH TV Championship

After the match. At the broadcast table. Kevin Kelly shows off an article from Friday's USA Today. With the headline reading "Ring Of Honor proud to not be the WWE".



It's actually made note of by Kevin Kelly during the ring entrances, of the odd pairing of Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Hanson & Rowe, because of their different allegiances in Japan. Smith was supposedly going to team with Lance Archer but he is injured so War Machine were added to this match even though there is conflict there. ... A highlights package is shown prior to this one of Bully Ray's debut in ROH last weekend. When Bully gets to the ring here. He gets on the house mic and cuts a quick promo. He does the whole "Do you know who I am" bit. All 6 men brawl to kick things off. Bully and The Briscoes control the early part of the match with Davey taking most of the abuse. It doesn't take long for the signature "Wazz Up" spot to make it's way into ROH with The Briscoes doing the vintage Dufdley move. Before Bully Ray can get the Briscoes to "Get The Tables". War Machine makes their way into the ring and they start beating down on The Briscoes.



Smith Jr. and War Machine isolate Mark Briscoe in their corner and beat down on him for awhile. Smith ends up doing his father's signature delayed vertical suplex on Mark Briscoe. After several minutes, Mark finally is able to make the hot tag to his brother. Jay comes in on fire and hits a flurry of moves. War Machine breaks into the ring and they go after Jay. They hit a tandem pop up powerslam on him. With the heels seemingly in control, They start bickering with each other. It gives Jay the opportunity to tag in Bully Ray. He comes in on fire and does many of his signature moves. Frantic pace to the end of this match with each man hitting several high impact moves. It all comes to an end when The Briscoes and Bully Ray do a triple team 3D on Ray Rowe and pin him.

Bully Ray & The Briscoes defeat War Machine & Davey Boy Smith Jr.

After the match, Davey Boy Smith Jr. and War Machine get into a shouting match at ringside. Security comes out to break them up. Smith starts throwing security guards around and appears to knock one of them out.



- If you didn't catch Reby Sky's twitter account earlier today. I can't post it here due to some of her extreme language. A lot of legal wrangling going on between Impact Wrestling and The Hardy's right now. It sent Reby in an uproar and she let Impact management have it because of how The Hardy's are being blocked from using their "Broken" characters.

A darkened arena entrance for The Hardy's. They appear in the ring when the lights come back on. It's Matt and Jeff here not Matt and Nero. Even though the act is still "broken" pretty much. So Impact's legal business may have played a part in this...... RPG Vice introduces weapons into the match fairly quickly after The Hardy's and Bucks have a suck it/delete stand off.with rhr delete gesture being done in the form of chopping Roppongi Vice when they try to get in the middle of it.


Pretty crazy start here. A chaotic pace in this one. A lot of "too sweet" and "delete" chants throughout by the hot crowd. It doesn't take long for ladders to get involved. RPG Vice ends up making good use of it against The Hardy's. Beretta then attempts to push Nick Jackson off of the ladder. But Nick leaps off and springs off the ropes and onto everyone on the ringside floor. The Bucks then go to work hitting several tandem moves on The Hardy's and RPG Vice. They are in superkick overdrive as usual. The Hardy's eventually take control of the match for a spell. Matt hits a twist of fate on Matt Jackson and a side effect on Nick. Jeff then attempts a swanton bomb but Matt Jackson brings his knees up at the last second. Everyone is down and Romero brings out a bag and puts on a sleeve covered in thumbtacks. He uses it to clothesline everyone in the ring.


RPG Vice then hits their strong zero finish on Nick Jackson but his brother breaks up the count. More thumbtacks that are laid out all over the mat by Beretta. It backfires against him when he tries to superplex Matt Jackson onto them. Instead, he ends up in the electric chair position and ends up being driven by The Bucks into the tacks. The Bucks then superkick The Hardy's and lay them out. In a crazy spot, Matt Jackson collects the thumbtacks from in the ring and shoves them into Beretta's mouth. Nick then superkicks Trent and the tacks go flying. Moments later, The Young Bucks hit the Meltzer driver on Romero into the tacks. They go for the cover but The Hardys break up the pinfall.

The Bucks and Hardy's now go toe to toe trading blows while the crowd chants "This is Awesome". The Hardys win the exchange and hit double twists of fate. They cover the Bucks but they kick out. Now a table and a ladder is brought into the ring by The Hardy's. The table is placed next to the ladder. Trent Beretta is set up on the table. Jeff swantons off the top of the ladder and crashes right through Beretta and pins him to get the victory. Fun match.


The Hardy's defeat RPG Vice & The Young Bucks to retain The ROH World Tag Team Titles

After the match. The Hardy's give The Bucks Of Youth a taste of their own medicine. They superkick them on the outside and take their superkick titles away from them. Adding to their collection in their Expedition of Gold.

While the ring is cleaned up. A sit down interview with Christopher Daniels about his career airs. In the video below, Daniels breaks down and cries.



When Daniels takes off his gear during his ring introduction. He reveals a Destiny shirt with today's date on it.... Cole mockingly offers the code of honor handshake to Daniels and Christopher adheres to it... Adam Cole toys with Daniels early on and is one step ahead of him at every turn. After a few minutes of this, Daniels fires up and goes after Cole aggressively. His momentum doesn't last long though. The story of the match is that Daniels may be out of his class right now. The commentators focus in on this heavily.

Daniels builds up some momentum and leaps onto Cole on the outside, but when they are out there. Cole rams Daniels head into the ringpost and "busts" him open. Daniels is bleeding and Cole goes after him and starts beating down on Daniels and throws him into the ring post again.

Cole stays in control. He beats down Daniels inside the ring and taunts him while doing it. Adam Cole hits a shining wizard to Daniels head and covers him for a near fall. Daniels is out on his feet and takes several kicks to the head while Cole continues trash talking. Cole stands over a beaten Daniels and taunts him some more, but this time Daniels grabs him and puts him in the Koji clutch submission. Cole escapes and then hits yet another big boot to Daniels head. Cole stands over a bloody Daniels and tells him that you were never and will never be on my level. That Daniels will never become ROH World Champion. Daniels eventually fires up. Both men start trading strikes in the ring. Daniels gets the better of Cole and hits an STO. Daniels picks up momentum and the crowd chants "Fallen Angel". Daniels hits a rock bottom and then goes for The Best Moonsault Ever. Cole moves out of the way and lands a superkick. Cole then hits another shining wizard and follows that up with The Last Shot He covers Daniels but Christopher kicks out at the last moment. Both men battle to the top rope and Daniels hits a frankensteiner. It leads to a near pinfall.


Daniels sets up for Angel's Wings but Cole counters into a hurricanrana. After a few counters and reversals. Both men knock each other down with a dual clothesline. Both men battle back to the top rope. Daniels attempts an Angel's Wings from up there. Cole gets out of it. Moments later, Adam Cole hits Daniels own finishing move on him but Christopher kicks out. Moments later, Daniels hits Cole with his finisher but Cole also kicks out. Daniels then hits Styles Clash to a large pop for another near fall. Referee Todd Sinclair is then superkicked by Adam Cole accidentally. Cole then hits a low blow and rolls up Daniels but there is no ref to count.

Just then Kazarian makes his way to ringside. He throws Daniels into the ring. Cole grabs the world title and tries to strike Daniels while Kaz is holding him, but Daniels breaks free and Cole almost strikes Kazarian. Frankie asks for the belt so that he can hit Daniels instead. He then teases hitting Daniels and at the last second, tosses the title out of the ring. He rips off his Bullet Club shirt to reveal Daniels Destiny shirt and then flips Cole the middle finger and spits on him. Daniels grabs Cole and hits the urinagi and then follows that up with 3 consecutive Best Moonsaults Ever. He pins Cole and secures the victory, and the world championship for the first time.


Christopher Daniels defeats Adam Cole to become The New ROH World Champion

After the match. The ROH locker room comes down to ringside to pay tribute and celebrate Daniels victory. Frankie Kazarian comes into the ring and celebrates with Christopher Daniels. Many of the members of the roster join them. The show ends with Daniels holding up the original ROH World Title and the current one over his head.