Rusev On Having One Of The Greatest WrestleMania Entrances, Heat Over His Theme, Favorite Matches

WWE Superstar Rusev was recently a guest of Talk Is Jericho, along with his wife, 'The Ravishing Russian' Lana. Among other things, Rusev talked about his epic WrestleMania 31 entrance, getting heat from Bulgarians over using the Bulgarian national anthem as entrance music in NXT, and his favorite matches.

On his WrestleMania 31 entrance, Rusev said he joked that he was going to have an army in his entrance beforehand and it actually happened. Moreover, 'The Bulgarian Brute' professed that he thinks it was one of the best entrances of all time.  

"So we've been joking about this for a long time because '[John] Cena at 'Mania, we're going to have [an] army and all that.' And then, the day of came and it's time for us to go to the stadium and there's this tank. And I'm like, 'what is this? What?' 'Yeah, this is part of your entrance.' I'm like, 'what?' Like, I couldn't even? My mind couldn't? They said, 'yeah, we're going to have these guns and we're going to have these people with the flag with the uniforms. And I was just like, 'whoa, this is not happening.' It was surreal." Rusev continued, "it was amazing. I feel like that [has] got to be one of the best entrances of all time."

According to Rusev, he used to get heat from Bulgarians for using the national anthem for his entrance music in NXT. 

"I had so much backlash because before in NXT, I used to come out with the Bulgarian national anthem. And people were like, 'oh, why are you embarrassing the anthem?' How am I embarrassing the anthem? I'm from the freaking country." Rusev added, "I have a freaking tattoo of Bulgaria on my shoulder. I'm proud of it. It's just so annoying with people hating all the time. Why can't you be happy for your countrymen?"

With respect to his favorite matches, Rusev named his 'I Quit' match against Cena and his Hell In A Cell match with Roman Reigns as his two top bouts.  

"I really liked the match, me and Cena, I think it was the 'I Quit' match. I really liked that one. We fought all over the place for maybe like 35 minutes or whatnot. But we have so many great matches. With Roman, we had great [matches]. Oh, the Cell match! I loved that match. Yeah, that was my first Cell match and I really liked that one. Those two are probably the ones that stand out."

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Source: Talk Is Jericho