Sound Off Reactions On If Goldberg Or Kevin Owens Will Win At WWE Fastlane

Earlier today, we asked who you thought would win between Kevin Owens and Goldberg at WWE Fastlane. Let's check out who won and some trending thoughts in the comments section.

1) Blowout Victory - Well, this one was a one-sided contest, most of you think Goldberg will win this match, one way or another. A few brought up an interesting point about if this will be an actual match or will Goldberg win it in just a few minutes. When Goldberg put down Lesnar so quickly, the surprise factor was off the charts, if it happens again (while also taking Raw's top title), will fans start to sour on him?

2) Outside Interference - Whether it was Brock Lesnar or Chris Jericho, it seems very possible one of these two Superstars will find their way into this match or segment. Many of you wrote Jericho will appear and cost Owens the match, with Lesnar showing up afterwards to face Goldberg, which would be the catalyst for their WrestleMania match-up. The few that thought the Universal champ had any chance would be a run-in by Lesnar, stunning Goldberg enough to lose the mach.

Thanks to everyone who responded, we'll see who gets the win tonight. For now, here are some of the top comments:

"Goldberg surely. The question is, will it be an actual wrestling match or another 2 minute squash? I feel that if it's another squash, people will start getting cynical. The only way I see Owens retaining is through interference from Lesnar or something."

"Goldberg wins this only to finally put over Lesnar at WM and the Universal title becomes more worthless whilst sitting in Lesnar's duffel bag at home until Extreme Rules."

"Its going to be Goldberg. Sure it will make the next month slightly more interesting than other WWE months but when WM comes and goes and the WHC on Lesnar doesn't get defended til SummerSlam, that is when we will all see what a bad move this is going to be. Owens just defined himself as a true main event talent two weeks ago and they are going to kill that momentum for a one off part timer match, lol. It's amazingly stupid because its not like putting the belt on Goldberg is going to draw even one more fan to watch WM."

Scott Johnson:
"The Goldberg nostalgia needs to stop. Most wins and losses don't really matter, but having a 50-year-old man squash the top of the current roster just makes the whole company look bad."


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