Stephanie McMahon Says She Fought To Turn John Cena Heel

On the latest episode of Cheap Heat, WWE Chief Brand Officer and WWE RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, talked about wanting sixteen-time world champion John Cena to turn heel at a point in his lengthy and decorated WWE run. According to McMahon, she would not mind if the WWE Universe never saw a heel John Cena.

During the interview, McMahon divulged that there was a point when she wanted Cena to turn heel and she fought for it. In retrospect, 'The Vincess' is glad 'Big Match' John never went to the darkside.

"At one point in his career, I really wanted to see him turn heel. I wanted it as a fan and I also thought it was the right thing to do, but it turns out I was wrong. And Vince and John… oh yeah [McMahon fought to have Cena turn heel], oh yeah, totally, I did. Yeah, but I'm glad that we didn't go that way, and I think, now, it would be odd for John to turn heel."

In McMahon's estimation, she would not miss a Cena heel run and that the audience would probably miss babyface Cena.  

"I guess never say 'never' because anything can happen in WWE, but I don't think I would really miss it. I think that we would miss him. I don't know that we would miss the heel turn."

Click here to listen to the podcast. If you use any of the quotes from this article, please credit Cheap Heat with an H/T to WrestlingINC for the transcription.

Source: Cheap Heat


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