Sting On Undertaker Match Regrets, Kurt Angle, His First WCW World Title Win, Rick Rude As A Heel

Sting, Ric Flair and Jim Ross were at the WrestleCon Kickoff Q&A yesterday. Wrestling Inc. was on hand for the event, below are some highlights from Sting:

* Sting said that he regrets "not getting in the ring with The Undertaker just one time."

* He was supposed to win WCW Championship before the Great American Bash in 1990, where he defeated Flair for his first WCW World Championship.

* He feels that the art of telling a story is missing.

* On Kurt Angle, Sting said that "Angle pushed me physically more than any other wrestler ever has."

* He said that Rick Rude did a great job being a great heel, which made his job as a babyface much easier. Flair agreed, but felt sorry for Rude for the latter part of his life.


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