WWE’s Triple H was a guest on ESPN SportsCenter this morning to promote Wrestlemania 33 next month in Orlando. You can check out the highlights from his appearance here:

If he appreciates performing more now versus when he started off in his career:

“I think it’s almost more so gratifying [now]. I guess I can appreciate it more, with age comes wisdom and you appreciate it. You appreciate that it could be the last time or one of the few last times that you do it. You just tend to appreciate it more, you tend to enjoy the crowd more. People talk about the Attitude Era for the WWE being this magical time – we didn’t realize that. We were just doing it. I feel in some ways, right now is this golden time, it’s this great time – It’s funny Stephanie, Vince, and me were talking about this just the other day, it’s this great time right now. All these changes with the Network, all these things that are happening for us within the WWE, it’s just growing immensely. Globally it’s becoming bigger than it ever is and it seems like this magical time, but it’s hard to step back and realize that cause you’re just there doing it.”

What’s the status of the Big Show vs. Shaq match at Wrestlemania 33:

“It’s a funny thing that we have conversations with Shaq all the time, I think he and Big Show are having a lot of fun egging each other on. Who would’ve thought both Shaq and Big Show would’ve both had abs, they’ve talked themselves into both getting in shape. It’s phenomenal. It’s a win win for both of them whether it happens or not. I think it’s all on Shaq and Big Show and what they really want to do. Right now I think they’re just poking each other.”

His match with Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 33 and if he puts pressure on himself to top his previous performance:

“Every year. I can tell you the hardest thing in the world for me is – when you do this job all the time you’re just in this mode, you don’t have to think, you just do. When you don’t do it for a year, I hadn’t wrestled I wrestled a couple of shows the other day just to get back on track, I hadn’t wrestled since last year’s Wrestlemania pretty much. That year off is like not playing football for a year and getting thrown in the Super Bowl. You just don’t even remember the plays and you freak out. That pressure is difficult, it’s really hard. I never thought about it, to me as special as it was when you’re doing this 200 or 300 days a year, Wrestlemania is just another show and another day and you can do it again tomorrow. You want it to be special but you don’t think about it too much because you do this all the time. Now it’s a whole different level. When you get inside your own head it’s a lot of pressure.”

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Source: ESPN Sportscenter