Triple H On Kurt Angle Possibly Wrestling In WWE Again

Recently on the Cheap Heat podcast, radio personality and pro wrestling enthusiast Peter Rosenberg spoke with the legendary Triple H. During the interview, Triple H stated that 2017 WWE Hall Of Fame Inductee, Kurt Angle, picked up the ins and outs of sports entertainment faster than anyone he as ever seen. Also, Triple H discussed the likelihood of Angle once again performing in a WWE ring.

According to Triple H, Kurt Angle took to the physicality of pro wrestling really quickly and he picked up the entertainment aspect of being a WWE Superstar faster than anyone he has seen.

"I remember when they first started talking about Kurt and he kind of came in and he was super green and he had just started. He didn't even know what he was doing. But he just, physically, he picked up the physicality of it, obviously, from what he did, sort of kind of second nature. But then, the entertainment component of it and the personality component and being larger-than-life. Amateur wrestlers or Olympic wrestlers like that, they don't want to show emotion. They don't want to show the pain. They don't want to show the excitement, right? They just want to keep on an even keel and just do what they do, keep their emotions in check because it just burns energy. There's a different vibe, man. To be able to come in and flip that switch and go the other way and be this straight-out entertainer, he picked it up faster than anybody I've ever seen do that. It was amazing."

On the subject of whether there is a chance Angle will have another WWE run, Triple H suggested that WWE is open to the idea; however, the world's largest professional wrestling promotion is not committing to anything just yet. 'The King Of Kings' also pointed out that the Olympic Gold Medalist would have to meet "a lot of physical requirements" to be approved for another run.  

"Yeah, but I think that we were very clear with Kurt, I've been very clear with Kurt in every conversation on this topic, it's a proving ground, right? So he did a lot of great things and there's a lot of time under the table, a lot of baggage, all those things. It just comes back down to, 'let's get together – let's see how it goes. If it goes well for you and it goes well for us, and everything is great, then, we see where it goes from there.'

"We're not going to say, 'never'. Kurt would have to go through a lot of physical requirements to be able to be allowed to return to the ring. And I know that angers fans, but that's us looking after the wellbeing of talent in general whether they like that or dislike that. That's the facts." 

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Source: Cheap Heat