Vince Russo On Kevin Owens Not Looking The Part, Vince McMahon - Jenna Jameson, Roman Reigns, More

Vince Russo was on the latest episode of X-Pac 12360. You can watch the full episode in the video above or download it on iTunes, they sent us these highlights:

Wrestlers needing to hit the gym:

"Today's roster, these guys look like my next door neighbor. You wouldn't recognize them in an airport. They look like regular fricken guys... I'm watching Wrestlemania X today and bro all these fricken guys, every guy on the show looks tremendous. The body on [Curt] Hennig, the body on [Roddy] Piper, you know what I mean? Shawn [Michaels], Scott [Hall], the list goes on and on. Bro, this is what I do know... when I was in the wrestling business, steroids or no steroids, these guys were in the gym every single day. It was a religion to them, their bodies were part of the presentation and whether they were on steroids or not, they were fricken working out at a gym, on the road, never missed a beat. I look at this roster today and you can't tell me these guys [go] to a gym. They don't look the fricking part and to me, if you don't look the part I'm not going to believe it. It's unbelievable to me."

Who he likes in WWE:

"I'm a [Roman] Reigns fan. Listen, creative has killed Roman Reigns, I mean they've absolutely killed him. I don't hold it against him. But bro, the guy looks like a wrestler. He looks like he belongs and of course, he does because it's in his bloodlines. I'm a huge fan of Bray [Wyatt]? I hate to say this, but if I was writing for the WWE, Bray Wyatt would be of Undertaker status. Because this guy is so fricking talented it's frightening. I love Charlotte. I think when all is said and done, she's going to be the greatest female wrestlers of all time."

How to use Kevin Owens' weight:

"Everything I've said about Kevin Owens, the guy doesn't like to workout, maybe he's a little lazy. I'm just saying that, but my point is bro, the guy visually being a little bit overweight, if I were writing for him that would be part of the character and part of the gimmick and then it would work for him. But the fact that it's not addressed, it's not part of the gimmick, it's never discussed. That's where ask a writer the disconnect comes for me. If they (WWE) looked at Kevin Owens and they worked his look into his character, in my opinion bro, it would be a thousand times better and I would have no issue with it. But when they call a guy like that a Prize Fighter, and he looks the way he does, that's where the disconnect is for me."

Vince McMahon thinking Jenna Jameson was ugly:

"Jenna Jameson? she was red hot at this time absolutely red hot. I was working on these vignettes, I got together with Bruce (Pritchard) and we had the idea of let's see if we can get Jenna Jameson. We had Jenna Jameson at Bruce's house in Bruce's jetted hot tub in the house bro stark naked. Stark naked with Val (Sean Morley) in the fricking hot tub. Ok, so we shot these series of vignettes with Jenna Jameson, Bruce and I thought they were absolute gold. Vince(McMahon), we played him the vignettes. Vince cut 90% of the vignettes out because he thought Jenna Jameson was ugly. "