Virgil On Being Made To Be In Main Events, Roddy Piper's Role In His Career, Ted Dibiase Feud, More

As noted earlier this week former WWE Superstar and nWo member Virgil appeared on episode #250 of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling. In this excerpt the former bodyguard of The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase talks breaking away from the WWE Hall of Famer and becoming a singles star in the early 90s WWF as well as how Roddy Piper played a big role in his success. The full episode can be downloaded at this link.

Being in the center of so many top angles and main events while paired with Ted Dibiase:

"I loved it...I loved it. Man, I was made to be the main event. I was made to be in all the number one actions. I came up that way. So why not be in main events and why not be the number one head knocker everywhere. To open up the show or to close the show. I liked more closing the show, where you come out at the end and you sell out in London, England or you sell out Madison Square Garden in New York or you sell out the Miami Arena in Miami, Florida or in New Orleans at the Superdome...what gets better than that? "

Reliving the moment he turned on Dibiase at Royal Rumble 1991:

"Everyone has a price...for Virgil (laughing). I loved it because we built that so good (man) and so right. It was a building of seven years.

"Twenty six years later to be exact and they still know it. Even if right now people who are 37 years old watched that back then they were 10 years old and they still remember it at 37. Think of that little kid watching it at 7..well now that little kid is 33 and they loved it. You put a long lasting impression on someone like that and they remember it and they will never forget."

Beating Ted Dibiase for the Million Dollar Belt at Summerslam 91:

"Oh yeah man, that was a big pop. You did that in front of 29,810, that is a Madison Square Garden sell out. You did it in the most lively city in the world. Yo've got all these people talking and within that one day you went into the household of an easy 100 million people".

Rowdy Roddy Piper playing mentor to Virgil throughout his angle with Dibiase:

"The Pipe was something else. He was such a good friend and he was such a great teacher. He was really a great person. Roderick Toombs may God bless your soul. One of the best guys in the world."

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