No word yet on if WWE will reveal a new RAW General Manager before WrestleMania 32 but they are teasing the possibility of Stephanie McMahon running the show by herself. They posted the following teaser for this coming Monday’s WrestleMania go-home edition of RAW from Philadelphia:

This past Monday night, Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon unceremoniously ousted General Manager Mick Foley, using the two words that seem to come naturally to members of her family: “You’re fired!”

Now, mere days before WrestleMania, Raw is left without a GM, and with so many high-profile Team Red matches at The Ultimate Thrill Ride on April 2, one wonders if Stephanie is looking for someone new to quickly fill the vacant position, or if she will take on the responsibilities of running the show herself, as she did on Monday after Foley was forced to leave the building. Either way, Raw’s management ? or lack thereof ? should prove interesting in Philadelphia this Monday night.

There’s also no word on if The Undertaker will appear on Monday’s go-home RAW to promote his WrestleMania match with Roman Reigns. Taker is not currently advertised by WWE or the Wells Fargo Center but that doesn’t mean he won’t appear because he was not advertised for last week’s RAW in Brooklyn either. WWE posted the following Reigns vs. Taker teaser in their RAW preview and made no mention of the two facing off on RAW:

The Undertaker emerged in Brooklyn to strike fear into the heart of Roman Reigns, but The Big Dog was ready, delivering a thunderous Spear that left The Deadman dazed ? but only for a moment.

Like a scene out of a slasher flick, The Undertaker snapped up from the supine position and rose to his feet, letting The Big Dog know, in no uncertain terms, that it will take more than a Spear to keep The Phenom off his feet. As an eerie mist surrounded him on the entrance ramp, Reigns gazed awestruck at his otherworldly WrestleMania opponent. Perhaps this isn’t Reigns’ yard after all.

Don’t miss the final Monday Night Raw before WrestleMania 33 at 8/7 C on USA Network.