WWE Fastlane: Goldberg Vs. Kevin Owens (WWE Universal Title Match)

WWE Universal Title Match: Bill Goldberg vs. Kevin Owens

We return to the arena and the Goldberg chants start up. The camera goes backstage and security leads Bill Goldberg out of his locker room. Goldberg makes his way out as the pyro hits. Goldberg waits as the music hits and out comes WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens.

JoJo does formal ring introductions. Goldberg warns Owens that the title is about to be his. The referee goes to ring the bell but Owens goes to the floor to play mind games. Owens continues to stall and play mind games as Goldberg waits to fight. Owens comes in again but rolls right to the floor. Owen just walks around the ring as Goldberg stares him down. Some fans are booing. Owens enters the ring and calls for the bell but as soon as he does, Chris Jericho's music hits and distracts him. Goldberg nails a spear. Goldberg hits the Jackhammer as the WWE United States Champion watches from the stage. Goldberg covers for the win.

Winner and New WWE Universal Champion: Bill Goldberg

After the bell, Goldberg grabs the title and raises it as fans chant his name. Jericho looks back from the stage. Goldberg raises the title to the crowd as we go to replays. Goldberg goes to ringside to greet fans, including one who may be his son. Fastlane goes off the air with Goldberg holding the title.

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