WWE NXT Results (3/29): Drifter Lives Up To His Name, Caution: Heavy Machinery, Tag Preview, More

Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com Live Viewing Party for WWE NXT. Tonight's episode features a "loser leaves NXT" match between Kassius Ohno and "The Drifter" Elias Samson. We'll also see the final hype before Saturday's NXT TakeOver: Orlando special. Reminder that we will have full coverage of the event beginning at 7:00PM ET on Saturday and a post-show podcast after its conclusion.

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- The announce team welcomes us to the show emanating from UCF and hypes tonight's card. We go directly to the ring for triple threat singles action.

Johnny Gargano vs. Dash Wilder vs. Akam

Akam goes right after Wilder and Gargano tries to take advantage with a sleeper. Short lived as Gargano gets slung across the ring. A bit of teamwork gets Akam outside the ring. Wilder holds the ropes for a dive, but it's a fake out and Gargano sees it coming and catches Wilder's boot. Akam back after Wilder, but Dawson pulls his partner out of harm's way and heads up the ramp. We go to break.

We're back and met with a Tom Phillips "OHH" as Akam is working over Johnny Wrestling. The big man gets Gargano in a torture rack as the crowd tries to help him out of the predicament. Gargano fights his way out with a couple punches and nails Akam with an upper cut. Gargano throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him, but Akam still stands. Gargano sent outside, but returns with his thru-rope spear and gets the first near fall of the match. Gargano with a ton of strikes. He hulks up and heads to the corner but is met by a size 15 boot. Akam looks for a power bomb, but Gargano slips out and shoots a kick that lands on the button. Cover attempt but Rezar pulls his partner out of the ring. Ciampa goes after Rezar, but Akam bulls him over. Gargano goes for a DDT but gets caught in mid-air. Power bomb to Gargano. Akam fails to pin, and gets grabbed by the ankles by a returning Scott Dawson. This allows Dash Wilder to sneak in and get the pin and victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Dash Wilder

- Vignette for the tag team of Heavy Machinery, who re-debuts up next.

- Vignette for Aleister Black, who makes his debut Saturday at NXT TakeOver: Orlando against Andrade "Cien" Almas.

Heavy Machinery vs. Mike Marshall & Jonathan Ortagun

Nice reception for the big fellas. Huge hip toss by Knight. Jobber number one gets put in a sleeper. He gets tossed and a perfect catch by Dozovic. Here comes the big man double team playbook. Elbows, splashes, sandwiches galore. Dozovic in by himself now but gets in a bit of trouble thanks to Marshall. It's short lived as we get a combo of Shocka Loo elbows. Tag made and Dozovic power slams Knight onto their opponent for the pin. What a fun throwback hoss team.

Winners via Pinfall: Heavy Machinery

- Backstage in Mr. Regal's office for the Women's Championship contract signing. Ember Moon says Asuka is a great champion, but she's changed and let the success go to her head. Moon says her fate is to dethrone the champ. Asuka says she knows who Ember Moon is, and knows she's not ready. Moon counters with she's been ready for a long time, but Asuka snickers and walks out. Mr. Regal wishes Ember luck as the segment ends.

- Video package highlighting the NXT Championship match between Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura.

- Backstage with the Authors of Pain and Paul Ellering. The veteran manager tells the Authors' stories and how each of their opponents fit into it.

- 8 person tag match made for NXT TakeOver between all the members of SAnitY against Dillinger, Jose, Strong, and the debuting Ruby Riot.

Kassius Ohno vs. Elias Samson (Loser Leaves NXT Match)

Early roll-up from the drifter for a one. Ohno with one of his own for a two. Side head lock wrenching on Ohno, but he reverses to an arm submission. Pair of shoulder blocks and one counts for the former Chris Hero. Running senton for another near fall. Kick from Ohno through the ropes. Follows it up with a chop while Samson is pinned against the apron. Samson able to recover and send Ohno chest first into the ring post then ricochets to the steps as we go to break.

We're back and Samson in control. Scoop slam from Samson for a two count. Crowd has nothing but go-away heat for the drifter, but encourages Ohno back into the match. Samson reverses a pin attempt into a cross face. He gets near the ropes, but Samson rolls him over back into the hold in the middle of the ring. Ohno's reversals blocked several times before finally getting the bottom rope. Samson releases the hold at 4, getting every bit of the move. Now we've come to blows as they each throw hay makers. Samson able to get the last word and makes a cover for a long two. Ohno catches Samson's boot. Jumping knee strike to the jaw of Samson. Pump kick from Ohno as well for a near fall. Samson rolls Ohno up with the aid for the ropes, but the official catches him. After arguing with the ref, Samson eats a right hand. We are in kitchen sink territory. Samson hits his neck breaker, but Ohno kicks out. Ohno with the death by elbow out of nowhere. He tucks Samson's arms for the cover. One, two, three, and the drifter must find a new town.

Winner via Pinfall: Kassius Ohno

- Ohno celebrates as Samson gets his curtain call of the "goodbye" song. The distraught drifter refuses to leave and other officials and security have to escort him out. He makes one last request of his guitar. Ohno returns to the ring and grabs the guitar. As Samson goes for the 6-string, Ohno puts a boot through it and smashes it in the ring.

- We'll see you all Saturday for NXT TakeOver: Orlando with coverage beginning at 7:00PM ET!


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