Alberto Del Rio Says WWE Has Contacted Him About Returning

As noted, Alberto El Patron has been very vocal about WWE and Triple H on his Periscope over the past several days. El Patron has taken repeated shots at WWE, and also said that he knew who was responsible for leaking Paige's sex tape, although he didn't mention any names.

"You [Paige] work for that company that is 'PG,' I don't work for that f-ckin' company, anymore. Thank God," El Patron said. "So I'm not 'PG.' Changing the subject, I know it was you, motherf--ker, I know you did this to me, to my baby, but... I'm gonna prove it was you, piece of sh-t."

El Patron conducted a Q&A in his latest Periscope video and was asked why he was burning bridges. El Patron noted that he wasn't burning bridges, and claimed that WWE has contacted him about returning.

"I'm not burning bridges," El Patron said. "I don't plan on going back there, it's them already calling me to go back to that company, but I'm not going back ever, ever, ever. I'm too happy being out of that place. It was me quitting that place, not staying in that place and not wanting to stay, even after they did everything to try to keep me in that company, I said, 'no, I don't want to be there.'"

Joshua Gagnon contributed to this article.


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