Alberto El Patron Takes More Shots At The WWE (Photos)

Earlier this month, Alberto El Patron went on numerous rants against the WWE (which you can find in full here, here, and here) that included comments like this:

"Everybody knows the way I feel about that company...Everybody knows the way I feel about those pu--ies from WWE, and I'm gonna say it again. Those pu--ies from the WWE, especially, the one with the big nose. So, I said it again and I'm going to put it on the site, because [Laughs] I don't care anymore."

Alberto also stated WWE has reached out to him since he left, but says he won't be going back. Earlier today and yesterday - while getting ready for the latest Impact Wrestling tapings - he sent out some subtle shots at his previous employer:

"After 1 hour of sleep, jet lag and nearly missing the flight.. I made it to @impactwrestling I couldn't be happier. They treat everyone so well.. that's what a real company does. They take care of everyone. Talent, behind the scenes etc that help their company grow bigger.. now it's time to get to work and kick some traseros 20 different ways! #sisisi"

"You have to be there tonight amigos, #impactwrestling bringing back this bad boy! They have it all here in this company, giving everyone a chance to shine, not just sitting in catering! #sisisi"


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