Backstage News On Who Cody Rhodes Has Signed With

As noted, Cody Rhodes recently stated on Twitter that he has not signed with any company. Wrestling Inc. has learned from sources close to the situation that Cody has come to terms on a new deal with Ring Of Honor. It's not known how long the length of the deal is.

Cody was a part of the Impact Wrestling tapings last March, but was not at the most recent tapings last week. Under Cody's new deal, he will still be allowed to take outside bookings, work PWG, New Japan and international dates, similar to the deal that The Young Bucks have with the company, however he cannot do television for another U.S. wrestling company. Also like the Young Bucks deal, Cody can still sell merchandise through ProWrestlingTees and handle his own outside bookings while also being under a guaranteed deal.

As noted, Cody told Sports Illustrated earlier this month that his days of working for multiple promotions was coming to an end.

"It's been really fun to cross all the streams, but at this point I do need to find a new home," Rhodes said. "That is going to limit all the distance I cover, which includes the work I've done with companies like Limitless, Defy, and All Pro Wrestling there is even a company in Kolkoska, Michigan where I'm wrestling that is called 'Mr. Chainsaw'. If you see my name on a card and you're a fan, come on out. I'm not sure how much longer it will be until I'm no longer able to roam around."

This is good news for ROH, who have lost a lot of stars since late last year. Adam Cole is expected to sign with WWE when his contract expires this weekend, while Kyle O'Reilly, Steve Corino, Bobby Fish and Donovan Dijak have all left the company recently.

ROH currently has booked Cody chasing the ROH title as an "outsider," which could be why he is denying signing with them.


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