Blue Meanie On What Caused Fight With JBL, Being Caught Off Guard, Their Relationship Now

Former ECW and WWE star The Blue Meanie was interviewed by Hannibal TV to discuss his real fight with JBL inside the ring at ECW One Night Stand. Here's what he had to say:

His version of what happened between him and JBL:

"It's an unfortunate thing that happened because I've always been a fan of JBL – I'm gonna preface this by noting we've made up and let bygones be bygones. We're actually friendly now – When you're on the road and everything happens, times get tense. I saw him as doing things that could've been perceived as being a bully. I voiced that. When it came to One Night Stand he took exception to it and it came to a point where we threw some live rounds at each other inside the ring. It was an ugly incident, we both wish it never happened, but it's one of those things we'll be married to each other with for a long time. People always see the big headline 'Big Fight,' but they never see the retraction where oh they made up. JBL is cool, I'm cool with him, he's cool with me."

If he was caught off guard by it all:

"I was kinda blindsided because when it happened, we did a production run through earlier in the day, and when you're in the ring you're jaw jacking and talking smack. We did the exact same thing we did in the run through and out of nowhere here comes this heymaker. The worst part is I had eight staples in my head from the night before. I got split open by The Sandman and he punched me dead on the staples. As luck would have it, the million dollar shot. I wasn't gonna just sit there and take it. It was like the chicken fight between Peter and the Chicken Guy on Family Guy. It was an ugly incident, I wish it never happened, but it's part of history."

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Source: Hannibal TV