Former NXT Star Says He Was "Just A Number" In WWE, Fans On Payback, Nikki Bella (Video)

- Above, Nikki Bella congratulated Zack Ryder on his 10 years with the WWE. Nikki said she appreciated how he always dreamed about being in the WWE and overcame a lot to make it.

- NJPW wrestler, Juice Robinson (formerly known as CJ Parker while in NXT) spoke to NJPW in an interview. Juice was asked about WWE's system compared to NJPW:

"Yeah. That's the problem with WWE. I felt like nothing there. Just a number. I didn't affect anything. But here I feel like I'm on a small team making a big difference. I feel like I contribute. I can feel New Japan growing and myself growing. I'm excited. I'm happy. It's great."

- WWE asked fans: "Which champion is most likely to lose their title at WWE Payback?" As of this writing, the results are: Neville (37 percent), Bayley (28 percent), Kevin Owens (26 percent), and The Hardys (9 percent).


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