Former WWE Star Says JBL Asked Him To Steal Justin Roberts' Passport

As noted previously, former WWE Ring Announcer, Justin Roberts, wrote a book that included a story about his passport being stolen, claiming that JBL had something to do with it. JBL took to Twitter yesterday to deny that claim saying, "I won't answer Net rumors-but I didn't take Justin Roberts passport. Could have been anyone/he was hated by the whole crew. He's an idiot."

Later that same day an article came out on Deadspin, which included Lucha Underground's Johnny Mundo (previously known as Johnny Nitro in WWE) who talked about how JBL asked him and his MNM partner, Joey Mercury, to take Roberts' passport.

"JBL asked me and my partner to steal [Justin's] passport, and we didn't. JBL was one of the main event guys at the time, and I don't remember exactly what Justin Roberts did to become the target for the hazing of this specific oversea trip, but JBL asked me and Joey to snag Justin's passport."

Johnny feared he was put in a place where if he didn't go along with JBL's plan, he and Joey could be a target next.

"I remember it 'being a thing,' you know? We were looking at Justin, he was a few rows ahead of us on this plane, sleeping. We were like, 'What do we do?'"

In the end, they decided not to go through with the plan.

"Ultimately, we considered the options, and wound up deciding to not do it. This is a weird thing for a wrestler to say, especially in that era, but I usually went by the golden rule. I wouldn't have appreciated someone doing that to me, especially someone I considered a peer."

Aside from his tweet mentioned above, JBL hasn't made any further comments on this topic.