Goldberg On Fans Booing Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Compares Brock Lesnar To Former WCW Star, More

Prior to WWE WrestleMania: The Ultimate Thrill Ride, WWE Universal Champion Goldberg spoke with 'Good Ol' J.R.' Jim Ross on The Ross Report. Among other things, Goldberg shared his thoughts on Roman Reigns' hate from fans, compared Brock Lesnar to Scott Steiner, and discussed the potential of Braun Strowman.

According to Goldberg, the fans have such hatred for Reigns and that it is really misplaced. Goldberg went on to say that WWE's other Samoan performer named Joe is "very entertaining" and a great worker in the squared circle.  

"It's a weird deal, man. Reading about it and hearing about it from afar, and then, being there and experiencing it, man, they've got such hatred towards this kid for no reason whatsoever. I mean, I see the reason, but people have to understand that you can't personally take it out on that guy because that guy is performing a job. He's doing what he's doing, but I think he's very entertaining. I think the kid can work his ass off."

On the subject of Goldberg's WrestleMania 33 opponent, Goldberg likened Lesnar to Steiner, saying that 'The Beast Incarnate' is a bigger, more athletic version of 'Big Poppa Pump'.

"He's a 6'4", 290 lbs. Scott Steiner. I mean, I can't tell you much more than that. That's the best analogy I can give you. Scotty, in his prime, when he was ripping guys' heads off, this is just a much bigger [Steiner]." Goldberg continued, "Brock's just a bigger, badder version of that guy right there. He's more athletic and he's just a powerful dude."

Also during the interview, Goldberg professed that Strowman is the 'The Monster Among Men" that WWE bills him as.  

"Yeah, he's a monster, man. No question about it. I think them having him do 10, 15 minute matches is why they're saying, 'Goldberg, you need to do more than two moves'. But, hey, man, the guy [has] got unbelievable talent. I would do a couple of things differently if I were him or I was management, but I have imparted my knowledge to him and, hopefully, it won't be something that is frowned upon. I think the guy's an unbelievable talent and, hell, if properly taken care of, the sky's the limit."

Bah Gawd, start the damn podcast here. If you use any of the quotes that appear in this article, please credit The Ross Report with an H/T to WrestlingINC for the transcription.

Source: The Ross Report


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