Impact Wrestling Results (4/6): Major Returns And Debuts, Last Man Standing Match With The Wolves

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Impact Wrestling
Taped in Orlando, Florida at 'The Impact Zone'

Impact opens with Eli Drake and Caleb Konley already in the ring for the opening match. Jeremy Borash intros the show and calls Josh Mathews, "The human remote control changer".

Eli Drake w/Tyrus vs. Caleb Konley

This match starts fast with both men locking up in the center of the ring. Konley has a brief advantage early, until Drake fakes an injury and Tyrus gets involved in the action. He goes after Konley when he is on the outside, and throws him back into the ring. Drake gets control of the match. Konley rallies later on and connects with a suicide dive on Drake. Konley then connects with a high cross body in the ring. He follows that up with a side suplex. When Caleb tries to go to the top rope. He gets distracted by Tyrus. This enables Drake to superplex Konley. He then hits Blunt Force Trauma on Caleb and secures the victory.

Eli Drake defeats Caleb Konley by pinfall

After the match. The commentators reset the show. Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews start bickering. Mathews grabs the house mic and starts insulting Borash. JB grabs the mic and says that tonight will be the night, that he finally punches Mathews. Both JB and Mathews continue yelling at one another. Bruce Prichard makes his way down the ramp and calls both men into the ring. Prichard tells Mathews and Borash, that management is sick of their fighting. Prichard's solution to this problem, is having Borash and Mathews choose their own 4 man teams later in the show. Prichard says that after the teams are chosen. Next week's Impact will have their teams oppose one another. Mathews and Borash continue bickering after the announcement. Prichard makes both men shake hands.

Footage is shown after the break of Davey Richards arriving to the arena with his wife Angelina Love. The commentators hype his last man standing match for later in the show against Eddie Edwards.

Knockouts #1 Contender Gauntlet Battle Royal

Ava Storie and Madison Rayne start things off. The bickering on commentary between Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash continues. Mathews brags about being married to Rayne, while he states that Borash doesn't even have a girlfriend.... Storie, who was trained by Jay Lethal, is mocked early on by Rayne. However, She ends up gaining the advantage on Rayne before Rebel is next to enter the match. Rebel and Rayne team up against Storie until Amanda Rodriguez makes her way out next to even the odds.

The 5th participant is MJ Jenkins. He springboards her way into the ring, and onto Rodriguez. Out next is Diamante from LAX. She takes the fight to all the knockouts in the ring. Diamante hits a running basement dropkick on Amanda. Moments later, Rebel eliminates Amanda Rodriguez. The 7th participant, ODB is out. ODB ends up stacking up all the women into one corner. ODB then splashes all the knockouts left in the match. ODB then eliminates Ava Storie. The final participant to join the match is Brandi Rhodes. Brandi comes into the ring hot and eliminates Diamante. There are 5 knockouts left in the match. Madison Rayne tries to hide under the ropes, while Jenkins and Rebel go at it. Meanwhile, ODB and Brandi start battling it out. Moments later, MJ eliminates Rebel over the top rope. Down to 4, Jenkins double clotheslines Brandi and ODB. Brandi and ODB end up teaming together and eliminate Jenkins. Madison Rayne attacks Brandi Rhodes and eliminates her. It's down to the final two. ODB and Madison Rayne. After Rayne briefly gets the edge. ODB turns the tables and hits a TKO on Rayne and pins her.

ODB wins The Knockouts Gauntlet Battle Royal to become the #1 contender for The Knockouts Championship

Back from the break. James Storm makes his way to the ring......Mathews announces on commentary that there was a coin flip during the break, and that he won, and will get to make the first pick of his team later tonight..... James Storm tells a story about his son wearing his cowboy hat and saying that he wants to be just like his dad. Storm talks about how proud, he is to be a cowboy. He then notes how Impact's highest ever rating took place when he won the world championship. Storm promises that he will once again be the world champion. When Storm goes to yell out his your damn luck catchphrase. He is interrupted by the DCC.

Eddie Kingston and Bram are in their suits and DCC masks. When they enter the ring. They quickly take them off. Bram has a steel chair in his hand. Eddie Kingston grabs the mic and says that he doesn't want to hear Storm's "stupid hillbilly music". Kingston calls Storm a liar and says that everyone told him that he was a liar, but he didn't believe them. Kingston states that Storm promised him and Bram, that they would take over Impact Wrestling together. Kingston says he bought in and wore "this stupid mask". He then proceeds to throw the mask down and step on it. Kingston says that he doesn't care about Storm's bastard son. Storm gets upset and says that he was the one who gave Kingston his job with Impact. After Eddie begged for one. Storm says that he came up with the DCC concept and theme music, and their attire. Storm then grabs Bram and Kingston. Storm says that he had an agreement with them, that he would go after the world title, while Bram and Kingston went over the tag titles. Storm says that while DCC got lost. He is still on track to become heavyweight champ again. Kingston calls Storm selfish and that it's always been about him. James questions Kingston's manhood, and then says that if he wanted a "b*tch". He could have gone to Tinder and swiped left or right. Kingston then spits in Storm's face. Storm hits Kingston with a last call superkick. Bram teases hitting Storm with a steel chair. He hesitates and Storm offers up a handshake. After pausing, Bram decides to take a swing at Storm but misses. James then lays Bram out with the last call kick. Storm gets on the mic and re-introduces himself as the Cowboy and tells them
"sorry about your damn luck". He then swigs a beer and leaves.

When the show returns from the break. Andrew Everett is interviewed backstage by McKenzie Mitchell. She informs him that Trevor Lee is not going to give him a shot at his X division championship. When Everett begins talking about his history with Trevor Lee, and how much he knows about him. Andrew is interrupted by Shane Helms and Lee. Helms tells Everett, that if he wants a shot at the X division title. That he has to win a triple threat match tonight to earn it. Helms says that Trevor Lee is the technical savage and has always been better than Everett.

X Division Triple Threat Match
Andrew Everett vs. Suicide vs. Marshe Rockett

Before this match gets started. Jeremy Borash reminds Mathews that he can pick anyone on his team, that has been with Impact in the past. Mathews then goes on to rip Borash for hanging around Gail Kim all the time, and not having a girlfriend. He then rips on Borash for his tan, and hanging out with people during WrestleMania weekend. JB asks Mathews how many events he was invited to this past weekend. Mathews says that he could have been a part of a single event, but that Tyrus backed out on him....

Everett and Suicide team up against Marshe Rockett and throw him outside the ring. Suicide and Everett then go at it. Suicide gets the better of the exchange and sends Andrew to the outside, to join Rockett. Suicide then leaps onto the both of them with a trust fall type move. Moments later, Rockett over powers Suicide and goes after Everett in the ring. Everett tries to springboard onto Rockett but gets caught and power slammed. Suicide is back in, and hits a springboard dropkick on Rockett. Suicide then hits a nice looking tornado DDT on Everett, where he uses Rockett's body for a boost before executing the move. This leads to a near fall. Rockett springs back into the action with a spine buster on Suicide. A recovered Everett then disposes of both Suicide and Rockett to the outside. Andrew then hits a twisting corkscrew plancha onto the both of them. Moments later in the ring, Suicide hits what he calls the suicide solution on Everett and gets a near fall. Rockett breaks up the count. Suicide and Marshe now go at it. Suicide rolls up Rockett in a crucifix styled cradle for a near fall. Rockett retaliates with a gord buster on Suicide. A recovered Andrew Everett takes out both Suicide and Rockett with kicks. He then climbs to the top rope and hits a beautiful looking shooting star press on Rockett to get the victory.

Andrew Everett defeats Marshe Rockett & Suicide

Last Man Standing Match
Eddie Edwards vs. 'The Lone Wolf' Davey Richards w/Angelina Love

Richards is attacked by Edwards during his ring entrance. Edwards quickly hits a shot of caffeine dive onto Richards. Both men then brawl into the crowd. They battle on the railings and a garbage can gets used. Richards attempts to suplex Edwards off of the balcony but Eddie blocks it. Edwards then attempts to leap onto Richards but Davey moves out the way, and Eddie lands into garbage cans. Both men battle back to the ring and chairs are thrown into the ring. Angelina Love assists Richards and gets him chairs. Richards ends up choking Edwards out with one of them.

After Richards does some more damage to Edwards. Davey makes out with his wife at ringside. When he returns to the ring. Edwards recovers and powerbombs Richards on top of two steel chairs. Edwards goes to the outside and gets more chairs. He lays into Davey with several chairs. Moments later, both men battle to the tp rope. Richards superplexes Edwards onto the chairs. Edwards wife, Alicia is then shown at ringside. She is in the front row, and is yelling at Angelina Love. Angelina gives Richards a steel chain, as the show heads to the break.....

When Impact returns, Richards is still in control and is trash talking Edwards wife. Richards is using the chain as a weapon. Richards and Love make out again, this time on the apron. When Eddie tries to battle back, Richards chokes out Eddie with the chain. Brian Hebner starts the standing 10 count. Edwards beats the count barely and Richards goes back to beating him up with several leg strikes. Edwards blocks one of the kicks and starts hitting Richards with strikes of his own. When Davey tries to charge at Edwards, He gets thrown over Eddie with a throw suplex into the corner. Edwards then runs at Richards and strikes him with a chair in the corner. Richards is then set up in the tree of woe in the corner. Edwards then dropkicks the chairs into Richards head. Eddie then grabs Richards and sets up his head in a chair in the center of the ring. With Richards head in a vice, Edwards leaps off the top rope and hits a double foot stomp on him.

When the ref begins the count, Edwards breaks it up because he wants to inflict more damage. Angeline Love runs into the ring to go after Edwards. Eddie's wife, Alicia leaps over the guardrail and goes after Love. Alicia spears Angelina and they brawl to the outside. Alicia takes off her belt and whips Angelina Love. Angelina gets a hold of the belt and wraps it around Alicia's neck, and then proceeds to throw her into the steel barricade. Meanwhile back in the ring, Edwards and Richards both have chairs and lay each other out at the same time. Love gets in the ring and grabs Eddie. Richards then wraps his right boot with the steel chain. Love yells at Richards to "kill him"... Davey teases having second thoughts about going through with it. Love gets in Richards face and tries to convince him to go through with it. Love makes out with Richards and tells him, "Do it for me"... Richards rears back and delivers the jujitsu kick on Edwards and lays him out. The ref counts to 10 and Richards wins.

Davey Richards defeats Eddie Edwards

After the break.... A Make Impact Great vignette airs featuring Jeremy Borash. It highlights his history with the company and how much he loves it. Included in the video below are moments Borash has had over the years with the likes of Kurt Angle, Christian etc

After this video airs... Another video follows. This one is from LAX's victory celebration in Orlando last Thursday night. After they won the Impact Tag Team Titles. It's a pretty cool short video with a ring set up in a night club. Konnan cuts a brief promo with LAX with him in the ring. Konnan says that "you can stop a revolutionary but not a revolution". LAX is then shown taking shots and celebrating that Ortiz and Santana are the new Impact Tag Champs.

Yet another video follows.... This time it's James Storm in the recording studio recording his entrance theme. In the video, Storm talks about getting back to his true cowboy roots.

Alberto El Patron vs. John Boland

Alberto makes very quick work here of Boland. He works in rapid fashion. Alberto hits a the hanging double foot stomp on Bolin in the corner and pins him,

Alberto El Patron defeats John Boland by pinfall

Alberto takes the mic after the match and calls out Bobby Lashley, but Lashley never comes out.

Allie and Braxton Sutter are being interviewed backstage by McKenzie Mitchell. Sienna and KM interrupt the interview and all 4 nearly start brawling. Karen Jarrett shows up and stands in between all of them. She books a match between the four of them for next week.

A vignette airs for The VOW. A new faction called The Veterans Of War. In the video below, Clips from George W. Bush speeches are shown, as well as military footage from the 2003 Iraqi conflict.

After the final commercial break. Yet another vignette airs. This time for next week's reveal for "Fury Unleashed".

Back in The Impact Zone.. Something to Wrestle with's........... Bruce Prichard makes his way to ringside. Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash are awaiting him inside the ring. JB welcomes Bruce and Mathews calls him a suck up... The crowd starts a "Fire Josh" chant. Prichard says that next week, there will be a 4 on 4 match between JB and Mathews teams. Since Josh won the coin toss. He picks Bobby Lashley as his first pick. Lashley makes his way to the ring. Mathews presents Lashley with a "GOAT" shirt, complete with a goat logo, because he says that his team will be the greatest of all time. Jeremy Borash compliments Mathews pick but says that it wasn't his first choice and selects Alberto Del Rio.

Mathews announces Bram as his second pick. He calls him the "Chesterfield Plague". Mathews asks for a photo-op with his team and gives Bram a "GOAT" shirt. Borash is up next and selects someone "off the roster". Borash announces Chris Adonis as his second pick. The former, Chris Masters.

Mathews then picks Eli Drake as his third selection. Tyrus comes out with Drake and is announced as the 4th member. Josh's team then attacks JB's team. Borash announces that 'The Blueprint' Matt Morgan is his third selection. WrestlingINC's own(just kidding), Matt Morgan makes his way to the ring and clears house.

JB's final pick shows up in a limo backstage. He walks out of the limo and makes his way to the ring. The bottom half of his body is shown. The show ends with The Pope urging fans to go to to see the reveal, because they are going to keep the cameras rolling......

After Impact goes off the air..... Matt Morgan is inside the ring being beat down by Mathews team. Borash gets on the mic and announces his 4th team member. The current GFW champion and former Impact champion, Magnus makes his way to the ring. Magnus takes off his suit jacket and goes after Bram. JB's team has recovered and they take the fight to Lashley, Drake and company. JB's team stands tall in the ring and The Pope hypes next week's Impact.


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