JTG Shares His Experience Of Working With JBL In The WWE

As noted, there has been a firestorm of negative publicity regarding JBL and his bullying to others while backstage in WWE. Not only have numerous outlets commented on the matter, but former talent, namely Justin Roberts and John Morrison, have spoken on their experiences working with him.

It all started when Mauro Ranallo decided not to appear in the WWE again after JBL's harsh words regarding Ranallo's social media interaction. As shown on the Bring It to the Table show on the WWE Network, JBL was also frustrated about Ranallo tweeting that he won Best Announcer for an "Internet poll," which was actually the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards.

"The man has a hundred and 80 something thousand tweets, and by the time this show airs, maybe 2 hundred something thousand," JBL told Peter Rosenberg. "That is a problem, okay? And he retweets some Internet poll. We have, what, two million people who watch SmackDown in the United States alone, and you have some Internet poll with 12 people on it?"

The Wrestling Observer had reported that tension had been building between both men up until that point. Ranallo missed the following SmackDown tapings on March 14th, and hasn't appeared on WWE television since.

In the midst of the negative flack, there is one person who worked with JBL who has recently shared some positive memories of him. When I spoke to JTG, here is what he had to say about his experience with JBL.

"He didn't bully me. He was actually cool with me and pulled me to the side a few times to give me advice. And [he] gave me free Mama Juana (male aphrodisiac), his Dominican Elixir, whenever I wanted a case (laughs)."

JTG would also state that while he worked with JBL, he would also receive quite a bit of in-ring advice, as well as financial advice. This came in handy, since JBL was known for his financial commentary as a regular panelist for FOX Business.


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