Justin Roberts Talks Restrictions Of Being A WWE Announcer, Getting In Trouble For Popping The Crowd

Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts recently spoke to Hannibal TV and talked about announcing at Wrestlemania, as well as some of the restrictions of the job. Here are the highlights:

What it's like to announce for Wrestlemania:

"I love that rush, unfortunately I used to get in trouble if I popped the crowd too much. You want to go out there and get the crowd into it but at the same time you can't do it too much. I couldn't do it too much because I'd get in trouble. It was always a weird feeling of wanting to pop the crowd but at the same time knowing my bosses wouldn't want that. So doing it within limits kind of took away some of the fun and excitement. I still got to do it and was still able to announce and get the reaction."

Why they restricted him on popping the crowd:

"I used to get in trouble because I was told the crowd only has so many pops in them, and I shouldn't be wasting the pops with my announcements. Like when I used to start a show I'd be like 'Good evening Chicago!' That got taken away so it was like 'Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome!" Trying not to get the crowd excited because the crowd only had so many pops in them."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Hannibal TV with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: Hannibal TV