Kurt Angle Tells Eddie Guerrero Story, Nikki Bella Says Brie Feels "Lost" Without WWE, Ric Flair

- Above is the latest "Canvas 2 Canvas" featuring Ric Flair. Next week's subjects will be The Hardys.

-During a fan Q&A on Facebook, Kurt Angle was asked if he had any funny Eddie Guerrero stories, Kurt responded about the time the two of them fought:

"Eddie and I had a love/hate relationship. We loved each other, but fought like brothers. I remember one time we got into a fist fight. He tried to leg dive me, a move you do in Olympic Wrestling. I hipped down on him and started choking him out. Later, JBL asked Eddie 'Why would you leg dive an Olympic Gold Medalist?.' Eddie smiled and said 'Because I'm a dumb a--.' Lol."

- Nikki Bella spoke with The Progress and talked about how Brie Bella is dealing with life without the WWE:

"Brie retired from WWE because she can't be a mom and wrestle at the same time. Giving that up and not automatically getting pregnant, I feel like she's just in this in-between stage. And I think she feels lost and it kind of makes me feel bad for her."

Nikki also said Brie's baby is due in a bout four weeks.


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