Luke Harper On How Long He's Wanted To Split From The Wyatts, SmackDown Being The "Stepchild"

Mike Thiel interviewed Luke Harper for The Kentucky Courier-Journal. Harper was promoting Tuesday's SmackDown taping at the KFC Yum Center in Louisville. Below are some highlights:

You were part of the Wyatt Family since day one of your career in NXT. Was it strange to finally break away from the faction in 2017?

"It wasn't for me. I've been wanting to get out and do my own thing even within the Wyatt Family since I arrived. Again, that's part of the always-want-more disease. The time had just kind of come and we all felt it. It was a blast but it's fun as hell to be out on my own."

How are you going to carve out Luke Harper's new identity?

"That's the fun and stressful and terrifying part about this time of my career; who knows where it goes? It could go way up or way down and it's kind of up to me to decide where it goes. I'm just trying to make myself the best professional wrestler that I can and I know that sounds cliche, but that's kind of the point, is to do the best you can and it's on them to use that."

Though Raw is WWE's flagship show, do you feel like "SmackDown Live" is the right place for you right now?

"I love SmackDown. It's such a fun time to be on SmackDown, because we're still always considered the stepchild (to flagship show "WWE Raw"), and that brings something out of the performers and everyone backstage. We feel like we're owed something that we're not getting, so we're scrapping for it. That's the perfect spot for me to be in currently because that's what I feel like, too. I'm scrapping for something I'm not getting. It's perfect."

Harper also discussed his toughest injuries, his past failed WWE tryouts, the inspiration for his character and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Kentucky Courier-Journal


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