Mauro Ranallo References "Bring It To The Table" And Thanks Wrestlers, Total Divas Teaser, WWE Stock

- Above is a teaser for Wednesday's Total Divas episode with Naomi working on something new (her glow entrance) and drama between Maryse and Eva Marie.

- WWE stock was down 0.54% today, closing at $21.99 per share. Today's high was $22.19 and the low was $21.76.

- As noted, Mauro Ranallo returned to social media over the weekend and resumed tweeting after removing WWE mentions from his profiles. Mauro has noted that he has upcoming MMA and boxing events to cover but has not said anything about returning to WWE SmackDown. He did tell one fan that they could count on him calling pro wrestling action again one day. CBS Sports reported this weekend that Mauro will not appear on WWE TV for the remainder of his contract and WWE responded with a statement that said Mauro is under contract until this coming August.

Mauro was originally off WWE TV due to his battle with mental health and his bi-polar disorder, which he has fought for many years and has talked publicly about. It's been reported that his recent issues were brought on by problems with co-worker JBL but those reports have not been confirmed. Mauro told fans on Twitter that he's feeling better each day. He's been very active on Twitter since returning to the site this weekend.

As seen below, Mauro thanked pro wrestlers for supporting him and thanked his Showtime Boxing family but did not thank WWE. He also used a "#BringTHISToTheTable" hashtag when responding to a fan about how his road to 200,000 tweets continues. WWE's "Bring It To The Table" show is where JBL lashed out over Mauro several weeks back, right before Mauro first missed SmackDown.


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