ODB Reveals Why She's Been Out Of Action, DJ Z On His Condition After Surgery, Impact In 60 (Video)

- Above is the latest Impact in 60, recapping tonight's Impact Wrestling in 60 seconds.

- ODB, who recently returned to Impact Wrestling, spoke to The Roman Show this past weekend. She noted that she had been away from the business to start her food truck business, which is called "The Meat and Greet".

"It's stationed in Daytona Beach," ODB said. "I am working with WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart. It's located at Jimmy's bar. I'll be traveling all over the Florida area selling my sides and cooking."

She noted that she has not been keeping up with pro wrestling during her time away.

"I've been out of the scene for the past three years," she said. "I've been going to barbecue festivals not wrestling shows. I am ready for whomever. I got a couple of more years left."

- As noted, Impact Wrestling star Michael Paris, a.k.a. DJ Z, underwent successful surgery today after suffering an injury during a match for the Crash promotion last night in Mexico City. Paris suffered multiple injuries during the match and had ruptured his colon and was bleeding internally.

DJ Z commented on the surgery on Twitter tonight, writing: