Paul Heyman On Which WWE Star Can Headline WrestleMania, Stephanie's 'Mania Gear (Photo), Bayley

- WWE posted the video above of Bayley at her first VIP signing yesterday and having to miss NXT Takeover: Orlando. After the signing, Bayley discussed how much her fans mean to her and admitted that "she cried almost seven times" during the signing.

- Paul Heyman's latest blog at Yahoo Sports! looks at Charlotte, and why she may be the next great WrestleMania main eventer. Heyman wrote that Ronda Rousey wrestling for WWE would be great for all parties involved. He noted that Rousey against any of the women on the WWE roster could headline an event, but Charlotte can do that without needing celebrity involvement.

"There is one female in WWE ready to carry the top without the celebrity involvement, for her star power is at such a level, she's just as much a living, breathing demonstration of that intangible 'it factor' as even her father, 'The Nature Boy' himself," Heyman wrote. "Charlotte can be, and ultimately one day should be, the first female WrestleMania main eventer in WWE history."

You can read the full blog at this link.

- Stephanie McMahon provided a sneak peek of her WrestleMania gear tonight, as seen below:


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