ROH Supercard Of Honor XI Results: Hardys Vs Young Bucks, Daniels Vs Castle For The ROH Title

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The PPV opens with a video package hyping the card. ROH Champion Christopher Daniels faces Dalton Castle, The Hardys defend against Young Bucks, Adam Cole, Jay Lethal vs Cody, and much more! Let's get started!


ROH Television Title Match: Adam Cole vs. Marty Scurll (c)

Adam Cole out first to a strong pop from the Lakeland, FL crowd. ROH TV Champion "The Villain" Marty Scurll enters next in all black attire and we get introductions from Bobby Cruise.

Crowd chants "Too Sweet" as Cole bows to Scurll for the handshake, but Scurll is having nothing to do with Cole's disrespect. Both men reverse submission holds early and have a face-off.

As Marty Scurll flaps his arms to taunt Cole, he gets caught with a Shining Wizard to give Cole the advantage. Cole seems to be taking Scurll lightly in the early going, but Scurll proves that decision is costly for the former world champion. The match spills to the outside and Scurll lands big chops.


Cole recoups and grabs Scurll's umbrella, and Scurll grabs his title belt for a weapons stand-off. Scurll ends up with the advantage by nailing a big kick to Cole on the apron.

Back in the ring and Cole manages to take control. He lands the Last Shot! Adam Cole covers but only gets the 2 count. Cole catches a European uppercut but responds with a superkick. Marty responds with a superkick of his own! Brainbuster by Scurll and a sloppy cover for 2!

Scurll pumps himself up for chicken wing but wait too long, eating an enziguri followed by a Shining Wizard for a near fall by Cole. Adam Cole now attempts the Chicken Wing but Scurll counters. His advantage doesn't last long, as Cole lands a kick to the face.

While Adam Cole is celebrating, Scurll grabs Cole's fingers and pops them loud enough for the crowd to hear! Adam Cole comes back with double superkicks and a package piledriver but only get a 2 count.

Cole threatens to hit Scurll with the title but gets caught with the umbrella when the ref isn't watching! Snap piledriver by the champ and he gets an extremely close 2. "This is awesome" chants from the crowd.

Adam Cole reverses a tombstone piledriver attempt and manages to land a tombstone himself, but his legs give out as he goes for a second attempt. Scurll starts popping Adam's fingers one by one, setting up another snap piledriver for 2. Chicken Wing is locked in and Adam Cole taps out!


Winner and STILL ROH TV Champion: Marty Scurll (submission)

The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia w/ TK O'Ryan) vs. Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser

We recap the drama between Silas Young and The Kingdom. Matt Taven blames "Pro Wrestling's Last Real Man" for costing The Kingdom their 6-Man Tag Team Championships. Taven rips the crowd and Silas Young before their opponents make their way to the ring. Silas digs into Taven and says tries to say The Kingdom came to him, not the other way around. Plus, Vinny was the one who took the pin.

A brawl quickly spills to the outside, and Taven lands a running dropkick through the middle ropes to take out Silas and Bruiser. Vinny over the top now and The Kingdom are in control. Beer City Bruiser changes the tide of the match quickly and overpowers The Kingdom. Vinny and Bruiser face off, and Bruiser hits a big cross body for 2.

Taven and Silas end up trading slaps to the face, and Taven is crotched on the top rope. Clothesline by Young drops Taven to the ground. Superplex by Silas on Vinny, but Taven and Bruiser land splashes from the top rope for dueling 2 counts! Bruiser gets Taven to the outside and nails a running cannonball dive, but Vinny takes him out with a big kick. Vinny in control of Young and decides to smoke a cigar to celebrate the advantage. He tries to put the cigar out on Silas, but Silas hits Misery for the 3 count and the win.


Winners: Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser (pinfall)

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Title Match: The Briscoes and Bully Ray vs. The Bullet Club (Hangman Page and Guerrillas of Destiny)

Bully Ray puts over G.O.D., and talks about how he and Devon trained the former IWGP Tag Team Champions at their wrestling school. He tells us this is the first time he will ever face his students, and asks them, "Do you know who I am?"

Adam Page and Guerrillas of Destiny make their way to the ring first, followed by ROH 6-Man Tag Team Champions The Briscoes and Bully Ray. We are reminded that this is the largest ROH crowd in history. Mark Briscoe and Tama Tonga start things off, and the Sussex County Chicken trades forearms with one half of G.O.D. A little redneck kung-fu and we get a tag to Jay Briscoe.

Tanga Roa blindsides Jay Briscoe after a tag and takes complete control, but Jay powers back with a series of vicious uppercuts and headbutts. Mark Briscoe back in now and he faces off with Tanga Roa. Tanga Roa's power is too much and the Bullet Club remains on top.

Mark manages to tag in Bully Ray, who faces off with his former students in the ring. He tells offers them a handshake and asks them to do this the honorable way, but they set him up for a beating. Bully fights back, still Tama Tonga keeps him in the Bullet Club corner.


As the Guerrillas of Destiny try to double team Bully Ray, they are overpowered and dropped with a double shoulder tackle. Bully Ray takes the Bullet Club out with a dive from the top rope into the ring! Modeified version of "What's Up" diving headbutt with the Froggy Bow ON Tanga Roa. As Bully and the Briscoes go for the tables they are broken up up Hangman Page.

Lots of back and forth action but Mark and Jay use some patented tag moves to gain control. Mark with a diving elbow to G.O.D. on the outside! Hangman Page and Jay in the ring as Page catches a clothesline, but manages to nail the flipping lariat from the apron! Brainbuster on Jay Briscoe and now Tama Tonga and Page set Mark up on the top rope. Jay and Bully lift up their opponents and Mark hits double clotheslines from the top! Super 3D by all 3 men on Tanga Roa for the 3 count to retain!

Winners and STILL ROH Six-Man Tag Champions: The Briscoes and Bully Ray (pinfall)

Jay Lethal vs. Cody (Texas Bullrope Match)

Jay Lethal comes out wearing a cowboy hat and a black and white shirt that says "The Franchise of ROH." Cody out next with a red and black shirt that says "Lethal Sucks Eggs." Cody hesitates and won't allow himself to be tied to the rope, pushing some security around to express his frustration for a match he requested. We are reminded that a Rhodes has never lost a bullrope match. Both men are tied to the rope and the bell rings to start the action!


Lethal uses the rope as a weapon early on, but Cody overpowers and whips Lethal into the turbuckle. He pummels Jay in the corner and shows off for the crowd, but Lethal catches Cody with the rope to the crotch followed by a legdrop to take control. Chops to the corner on Cody and Lethal rips off and tosses Cody's shirt to the floor.

Repeated clotheslines by Lethal on Cody, but Cody regroups and counters, using the rope to sweep Lethal's feet out from under him. Cody with straight fists to his opponent, but Jay turned the tide with a boot from out of the corner. Lethal brings the action to the outside, ties Cody up with the rope, and drives the cowbell into his head. He continues to slide through the ring and pulls Cody right into the ring post! Cody is a bloody mess and Lethal carves Cody's head with the bell yet again.

Up on the apron now and Lethal ties Cody to the ropes, once again using the bell as a weapon on Cody's bloody face. A chair has been introduced to the match, and Lethal sets the chair up and lays Cody across, looking for a top rope elbow on Cody. Cody gets up just in time to pull Lethal from the top rope onto the chair!

Cody in control and goes for the bionic elbow, but Lethal manages to counter back. Lethal Injection attempt is countered as Cody pulls the rope, yanking Lethal to the mat! He goes for a Figure Four but Lethal sends him over the top. It's not enough to keep Cody out as he smashes Jay with the cowbell from the outside. Cody looks for weapons and sets up a table outside the ring. Both men struggle not to be put through the table, and Cody connects with a springboard dropkick to keep control of Lethal in the middle of the ring. Figure Leg Lock is applied and Lethal has to use the cowbell to strike Cody and gain an edge.


With Cody still out on the ground, Jay goes to the top rope looking for the diving elbow. Cody springs back up and throws Lethal through the table from the top turnbuckle! Huge low blow by Cody followed by Beautiful Disaster and Cross Rhodes for a close 2 count! Cody sets Lethal up top and hits him with one of his cowboy boots. Superplex attempt countered and Lethal drops Cody to the mat. Macho Man Elbow countered on the way down. Beautiful Disaster countered into a cutter! Lethal Injection and a 3 count for the win!

Winner: Jay Lethal (pinfall)

Lethal and Cody stare each other down after the match as Cody picks up the bullrope. Jay steps back in the ring, reaching out his hand until Cody hands him the Rhodes family heirloom before leaving up the ramp.

Cheesburger and Will Ferrara vs. The Rebellion (Rhett Titus and Shane Taylor) vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley)

Cheeseburger and Titus start things off as the crowd pops for Burger. Titus refuses the handshake and lands a strong shoulder tackle. Cheeseburger fights back using his speed to gain control. He tags in Ferrara and they have Titus on the ropes, forcing Rhett to tag Chris Sabin into the match.


Sabin and Ferrara go high speed, trading pinfall attempts until Alex Shelley tags in. Double team on Taylor to remain in control, followed by a double dropkick on Titus before Sabin tosses Cheeseburger into Ferrara on the outside.

Back in the ring now and Taylor tosses Shelley into the barricade as Titus overpowers Sabin and Ferrara. Titus and Taylor in control now but Ferrara (and fails) to fight back. Near fall by Taylor and Ferrara gets dropkicked by Rhett Titus.

Ferrara finally tags in Cheeseburger, who uses his kicks and a springboard flying knee to earn a nearfall on Titus. Cheeseburger and Ferrara are worked over by Titus, who launches Cheeseburger with a German suplex. Big splash by Titus but he only gets a 2 count as Ferrara breaks up the pin. Sabin send Titus to the outside and Taylor charges over the ropes trying to take out MCMG.

Machine Guns with running knees and kicks from the apron to take full control of both teams. Cheeseburger reverses the neckbreaker but gets kicked in the midsection. Shotei on Titus and the Guns, but Taylor level him. Chaos now and MCMG hit their signature tag team sequence. Machine Guns hit Made in Detroit on Cheeseburger for the win!

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns (pinfall)


Post-match, The Rebellion beat MCMG all the way up the ramp, as Will Ferrara takes his frustrations out on Cheeseburger in the middle of the ring.

Punishment Martinez vs. Kazarian

Punishment Martinez connects with an out of this world dive over the turnbuckle to the floor on Kazarian to take total control over his much smaller opponent. Kazarian came out strong in the early going but Martinez is just a monster dominating his opponent. High powered springboard dive from Martinez on Kazarian for a near fall.

Kazarian somehow finds his second wind and lands a senton-DDT sequence to try to change the momentum. Martinez sets Kaz up on his shoulders and tosses him to the ground, but misses the big splash follow up! Kazarian with a DDT from over the apron, and he tackles Martinez out of the ring on to the floor!

Slingshot cutter on Martinez but Kazarian can only land a 2 count. Flurry kicks and 3 springboard leg drops still aren't enough to keep Martinez out. Kazarian goes up to the middle rope but Hangman Page comes out to the apron with the distraction. South of Heaven Chokeslam on Kazarian for the 3 count and the win.

Winner: Punishment Martinez (pinfall)

Bobby Fish comes to the ring, making his return to Ring of Honor to cut a promo on how he is not done with ROH. He says he has a list of people that he still has issues with in the back, and one of those people is Jay Lethal. Silas Young interrupts and says he's sick of hearing about Jay Lethal, but he's just as sick of Fish's excuses. Bobby doesn't care about Silas at all, but challenges him to step between the ropes to get taught a lesson.


Bobby Fish vs. Silas Young

The bell rings and we have a match! Bobby Fish sends Young into the guard rail and is all over his opponent until Young returns the favor, finally tossing Fish back into the ring to pummel him further. Bobby with a kick to the sternum, and he takes out Paul Turner with a kick to the leg meant for Silas on the apron. Silas with a steel chair now, but another referee rips it from his hands. Young pushes the referee down for the DQ, giving Fish the win.

Winner: Bobby Fish (DQ)

Bobby Fish lands a diving tackle on Silas after the match and continues to serve out punishment. He sets two chairs up and attempts to send Silas crashing through them, but Silas catches Fish with a spinebuster through the chairs! Security comes out to split up these two men, and they go right back at it on the ramp to end the segment.

Jay White & Dragon Lee vs. Will Ospreay & Volador, Jr.

Will Ospreay and Jay White start things off by trading wristlocks, and Ospreay gets the upper hand after a long arm drag. Ospreay and White are all over the place and the crowd is feeling the action in the ring. Volador Jr. in now and Dragon Lee makes the tag on the other end. Both men with leg sweeps and arm drags to treat the crowd to some lucha libre.


Huricanrana by Dragon Lee tosses Volador out of the ring, and Dragon flies out of the ring for a high-momentum dive! White and Dragon have Volador Jr. in trouble in the middle of the ring. Volador Jr. gathers himself enough to hit some crucial huricanranas on his opponents, creating enough space to make a tag to Ospreay.

Will Ospreay comes in on fire with a flying cross body, and like something out of an action movie he handles the two-on-one combat with flips and counters. Top rope spinning dive by Ospreay for a near fall. Jay White comes back in to slow both oppoents down, and Dragon Lee with a huricanrana sending Ospreay from the apron to the floor! Volador moonsault takes out Dragon, Jay White crash and burn followed by a flipping dive by Ospreay! White catches him in mid air and slams him into the apron!

Volador Jr. breaks up a pin attempt but gets tossed out of the ring by Jay White. He picks up Ospreay, who gets tossed around and suplexed, only to get hit with a Spanish Fly out of nowhere! Crazy running spin kick and all of these men are down for the first time in the match.

Dragon Lee with the double stomp to Volador Jr. set up in the tree of woe, but he only gets the near fall. Volador Jr. fights back and faces off with Dragon Lee, getting the upper hand with a superkick. Ospreay with the shooting star press from the top turnbuckle to Dragon Lee on the outside! That was beautiful! Volador Jr. and Jay White are both standing on the top rope, and Volador hits an unbelievable body scissors takedown finisher for the win!


Winners: Will Ospreay and Volador, Jr.

Crowd chants "That was awesome" as all four men shake hands in the ring.

Christopher Daniels pre-recorded promo about building his legacy in ROH. He says that Castle probably won't have to wait 15 years from his moment to come, but his moment is not now. In the spirit of competition, he wishes Dalton luck.

Dalton Castle promo now and he talks about being worried when his original plan to face Adam Cole changed last month. But he says he has no reason to worry, because he's Dalton Castle, and he's going to win the championship no matter who he faces.

ROH World Championship: Dalton Castle vs. Christopher Daniels (c)

Both men make their entrances for this ROH Title match, and Bobby Cruise delivers the introductions for the co-main event. We get the Code of Honor handshake and the bell rings to start the match.

Dalton and Daniels lock up after some showboating by the "Party Peacock." Daniels proves why he is the "World Heavyweight Champion of the World" with a vintage dropkick. Castle needs to 'fan up,' and now he has the champion second guessing his strategy. Daniels drops and snaps for the boys to bring the fans, but they manage to resist the temptation.


Headlock by Dalton Castle and he looks for the delayed German suplex early. Castle rolls to the outside, and Daniels grabs the fans to mock Dalton with his signature peacock pose. The boys cause the distraction and Dalton uses his amateur wrestling skill set to regain momentum. Clothesline send Daniels over the ropes, Castle teases the dive to the outside and decides to pose for the crowd instead. Castle catches Daniels in mid air and tosses him, following up with a 1 count.

Fans are split for both competitors as Daniels powers his way up from a waist lock by Dalton. Daniels now with a clothesline followed by an STO. He picks Dalton up and catches him for a tilt-a-whirl side slam and near fall. Reverse STO into the koji clutch has Dalton reeling, but Daniels releases the hold and lands a neckbreaker for 2.

The champion hits Castle with forearm after forearm, but Castle fights back with elbows of his own. Dalton now with a barrage of suplexes to slow Daniels down, and he places the champ over the top turnbuckle to set up for a running knee to the head. Colt Cabana continues to rip into Castle from commentary to sell their feud.

On the outside now and Dalton lands a huricanrana on Daniels on the floor. Daniels fights back and hits a moonsault from the ring to the outside, but only catches the boys on the way down. Dalton Castle with some crash and burn of his own to get Daniels down. Back in the ring and Daniels fights back with a judo throw to set up BME. He misses and Dalton hits the delayed German with a bridge for a close 2.


Castle with the running knee right into Bangarang! 1, 2, no! Dalton is in disbelief. Daniels with the STO-Koji clutch combo again and Dalton stands up with the champs still holding the submission! Angel's Wings countered. Bangarang Countered, and Dalton looks for the delayed German once again. Daniels reverses by grabbing his own leg to kick Dalton's quad, locks in a roll up pinning combo and retains the title with the pinfall!

Winner and STILL ROH World Champion: Christopher Daniels (pinfall)

As Dalton and Daniels shake hands post-match, Cody comes out and lays both men out with a low blow to Dalton and a Cross Rhodes to Daniels! Cody lifts the ROH World title making his intentions clear, and is chased off by Kazarian as the crowd chants for the "American Nightmare" Cody.

We go to a video recap of the feud between The Hardys and the Young Bucks as we prepare for our final match of the evening.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: The Young Bucks vs. The Hardys (c)

The Hardys make their way to the ring last to pyro with both the ROH World Tag Titles and the Superkick Title Belts. Colt Cabana mentions how Matt and Jeff have left the Young Bucks without gold for the first time in recent memory. We get official intros from Bobby Cruise and the crowd chants "Delete!" as this ladder match gets started!


Both teams face off, staring up at the title belts before Young Bucks hit The Hardys with "suck it!" Matt and Jeff use some of their classic tag team moves to gain the early control, but Jeff gets hit with a superkick by Nick going for the dive into the corner over Matt Hardy! Matt Jackson with a superkick to Matt Hardy and the Bucks hit a double stomp on Jeff, followed by a lungblower on Matt who is still in the corner. Superkick attempts blocked in stereo for double twist of fate by the Hardys!

The Hardys try to bring the ladder into the ring, but the Young Bucks dropkick the ladder into Matt Hardy! Double crash and burn with a Too Sweet chant from the crowd. Young Bucks bring both large and small ladders in the ring, but The Hardys have enough time to get back in the ring and break things up. Crowd chants "Delete" and "Obsolete" as Jeff and Matt chop both Jackson brothers in separate corners. Double DDT on Nick Jackson who has to regroup on the outside, and both Hardys climb the ladder.

Matt Jackson desperately breaks things up and manages to pull both Hardys down. Jeff out of nowhere hits Matt Jackson with a ladder that send him crashing through a table on the outside! Tables are set up everywhere and Matt Hardy works over Nick's neck in the ring. Jeff sets the ladders up with one open on its side and the other leaned over it. The Young Bucks slow Jeff down on the top turnbuckle, but Matt Hardy hits a crucifix powerbomb on Matt Jackson that allows Jeff to send Nick out to the floor.


Young Bucks make their way back to their feet and counter a double suplex attempt to regain control over the champions. They use the ladder contraption to hit Jeff in the face. Jeff is set up on a table and Nick Jackson hits the 450 splash from the top turnbuckle to send Jeff through the table and to the floor!

Matt Jackson and Matt Hardy climb the ladder at the same time, but Nick comes in to give the Young Bucks the numbers advantage. The Bucks set Matt up on the ladder leaning on the ropes, but Jeff tries to save his brother, taking a superkick for his troubles. Matt gets to his feet and tosses Matt Jackson clean across the ring, allowing both Hardys to connect with the inverted wheelbarrow suplex on Nick through the ladder!

Matt Jackson is back in the ring fighting back with the ladder as a weapon. Springboard DDT on Jeff by Matt onto the apron! He sets Jeff up on the table and notices the titles are in his sight with Matt Hardy down. Matt Hardy gets up in time to take Matt Jackson off the ladder, but Nick climbs the small ladder set up right beside it. Matt Hardy pushes Nick from the small ladder to the tall ladder, which falls towards the ropes, causing Nick to make the leaping senton on Jeff through the table!


Matt Jackson and Matt Hardy are both on top of the ladder now and trade punches as the crowd chants "Delete" and "Suck it!" Both come crashing to the mat below!

All four men find their way to the top of a ladder, and Nick and Matt Hardy come crashing down as Jeff jumps from ladder to ladder. Matt Jackson and Nick trade blows, and Jeff is knocked off the ladder leaving Matt Jackson all alone to grab the titles! Matt Hardy bites Matt Jackson's foot and pushes the ladder over, sending Matt Jackson through another table outside the ring!

Matt Hardy climbs the ladder but Nick jumps from the ropes to the ladder himself! Jeff provides the double team and the Hardys look to put this one away. Nick fights back with kicks and elbows. Superkick to Matt Hardy! Double superkick to Jeff! And 2 superkicks for Matt Hardy, who rebound with a double clothesline that leaves everyone down.

Both teams find themselves on their feet, and a charging Matt Jackson is launched into yet another table! Jeff gets tossed through a table by Nick on the other side of the ring! Modified Side Effect by Matt Hardy on Nick through a table and we have bodies down everywhere!

All four men are crawling around back in the ring, setting up ladders out of desperation. They all climb to the top for a showdown up high. Both Young Bucks superkick the Hardys off the top of the ladder, sending them crashing to the floor! The Young Bucks grab the titles and regain the ROH World Tag Team titles!


Winners and NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions: Young Bucks

After the match, Matt Hardy tells the Young Bucks that Nick and Matt are the best tag team that The Hardys have ever faced. He doesn't know how long the Hardy vessels will allow them to perform in these matches, but they leave the future of tag team wrestling in good hands. The Hardys kneel and shake the Young Bucks' hands. Jeff says there's only one thing left to do, singing that they'll "fade away and classify ourselves as obsolete" before leaving the ring for the new champions to celebrate.