Roman Reigns On Brock Lesnar Not Being Open To Ideas At WrestleMania, Lesnar Wanting To Squash Him

As noted, three-time world champion Roman Reigns was recently a guest on Talk Is Jericho. Among many other things, Reigns talked about facing current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31. Reigns called the match a "weird" and "difficult" situation, calling it "a crazy time". Apparently, Lesnar and Paul Heyman were not open to ideas and the powerful duo made the case for squashing Reigns.

"No, it wasn't easy, by any means. But the thing I had a lot of confidence in is I knew it was just going to be a fight. I knew it was going to be brutal and I like that s--t. Like, hey, if you want to bang, I'm all for it. I'm never scared. But it was just weird. It really was. It was last minute. It was one of those deals where it wasn't a lot of talking, didn't seem open to ideas because, essentially, in their minds, and when I say 'their minds' I say Brock and Paul, which, that is a powerful pairing right there."

Reigns recalled, "but those two, they're something else. They wanted to kill me. They were convinced however many people were there eighty [thousand], whatever, they wanted to see me get crushed. They were there and they just want to see Roman get his ass beat. And I can't disagree with them, but brother [has] got to fight. Hey, you can kick my ass all you want, but I'm going to fight."

Reigns said the one thing he could always be confident about was that the match was all about a fight.

"I knew he wanted to get straight to the [Suplex] City, and I was like, 'f--k it. Here we go!' And nobody does this, like, it was 'ding, ding, ding' and I went right into him." Reigns said, "for me, it was just about taking that ass-whooping and I'm thankful to Brock because he [has] got a name. Brock is legit, 'I'll break your face and I'm not scared to go in there and have someone break mine'. I've seen him crush people. I've seen him get his ass whooped too, by who was it? [Cain] Velasquez or whatever. But just to have the balls to go out there and like do that, you've got to be a man and I respect him, I respect his name, and the fact that he went out there and he built it."

Reigns, a known Bret Hart fan, said the best part of the night was 'The Hitman' telling him that match was an "instant classic".

"The coolest part of that match was, I got to the afterparty and I walk in, me and my wife, and the first person I randomly see is Bret, Bret Hart. He just shook my hand and he goes, 'instant classic'. He was like, 'there will never be another one like it.'"

In Reigns' view, his WrestleMania 31 match was probably his best match, though it was not his favorite match.

"I'm proud of that match. I don't know if it was like… I don't know if it's my favorite of all of them, but, like, I think it might be my best one. Like, story-wise and just the moment, and the crowd switched and with Seth [Rollins] coming, it had a little bit of everything. It was just really good. It was really good business."

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Source: Talk Is Jericho


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