Roman Reigns Responds To Twitter Hater, Fans On Who Should Join Total Divas, Mauro Ranallo Note

- On Twitter, a wrestling fan sent Roman Reigns a cartoon gif with the caption, "Must be hard being cartoon Roman Reigns." Reigns then retweeted the individual and responded, "Must be hard being a grown man, that tweets another grown man cartoons." After two hours, it's been retweeted over 1.2k times.

- WWE polled fans on "Which Superstar would you like to see join the cast of Total Divas?" As of this writing, the results are: Sasha Banks (32 percent), Alexa Bliss (27 percent), Bayley/Charlotte Flair (15 percent), and Becky Lynch (12 percent).

- As noted previously, Mauro Ranallo had been fairly quiet on social media over the past few weeks, but today, Mauro sent out a tweet thanking his supporters. He has also returned to retweeting numerous fans, thanking them individually.


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