Shelton Benjamin Returning To Action, WWE No Longer Airing In The Philippines, Sheamus And Cesaro

- The Celtic Football Club tweeted the video above featuring Sheamus and Cesaro arguing over football / soccer.

"I'm sorry to say this Cesaro but Glasgow Rangers are going down to the greatest football team, the greatest Scottish football team of all time, Glasgow Celtic!" Sheamus said. "The Rangers are going down, Celtic for the win!"

- Shelton Benjamin will be returning to action this week for the first time since undergoing surgery for a torn rotator cuff last fall. Benjamin was scheduled to return to WWE until the shoulder issue was found while taking the company's physical. Benjamin will be wrestling Mike Orlando at this Friday's "World War 360" Brii Combination Wrestling event in Elmhurst, NY. It is his first match since last July. You can get more information about Friday's event on the official Brii Combination Wrestling Facebook page.

- FOX Philippines announced today that it will no longer air WWE programming after failing to reach an agreement to renew their deal. They issued the statement below:


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