Where "House Of Horrors" At WWE Payback Begins, Titus O'Neil - Apollo Crews Selfie, Athlete At RAW

- Major League Soccer star Dom Dwyer of the Sporting Kansas City club was backstage for tonight's WWE RAW in Kansas City, as seen in this Fallout video. This the first WWE event for the forward.

- As noted, the mysterious "House of Horrors" match between Bray Wyatt and WWE Champion Randy Orton will take place at Sunday's WWE Payback pay-per-view. While details on the match have not been announced, it was noted on tonight's RAW that the match will begin in the "House" and end in the ring.

- Tonight's RAW in Kansas City saw Titus O'Neil continue to try and recruit Apollo Crews for The Titus Brand after Crews picked up a win over Curtis Hawkins. Below is the post-match selfie Titus took with a confused Crews:


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