WrestleMania 33: Randy Orton Vs. Bray Wyatt (WWE Title Match)

WWE Title Match: Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

We go to the ring and out comes WWE Champion Bray Wyatt as Camping World Stadium lights up with his fireflies. Wyatt hits the corner and raises the title before waiting on his opponent. Randy Orton's music hits and out he comes to a pop. The bell rings and we get formal ring introductions from Greg Hamilton.

Orton immediately nails Wyatt with a Thesz Press and goes to work. Orton keeps control and catches Wyatt with a powerslam. Orton tells Wyatt to get up. Orton goes for an early RKO but Wyatt scrambles to the floor. Orton follows and works Wyatt over on the outside before bringing it back in. Wyatt decks Orton as he re-enters. Wyatt drops Orton with a running headbutt now. Wyatt keeps control as the entire ring appears to be covered in maggots via video layer. This freaks Orton out. He goes to the floor and Wyatt poses. The ring returns to normal and Orton comes back in. They trade counters with finishers but Wyatt launches himself off the ropes to take Orton back down.

Wyatt beats Orton on the apron now, clubbing him down face first. Wyatt shoves Orton back into the ring and smiles. Wyatt yells at Orton to get up. Wyatt charges with a big splash in the corner. He tosses Orton to the mat and turns his back to him. Wyatt turns upside down in the corner. The lights go out again and it looks like the ring is covered with large worms or maggots again. It goes away as Orton is trying to crawl out of the ring. Wyatt goes back to beating on Orton and yells about being a God. Orton gets up and goes for a RKO but Wyatt counters with a Uranage. Wyatt with a senton for a 2 count.

Orton blocks Sister Abigail and rolls Wyatt up for a 2 count. Wyatt with a clothesline. Orton goes to the floor to regroup. JBL blames the quiet crowd on them being shocked at Wyatt dominating. Orton catches Wyatt with a dropkick on the floor. Wyatt rams Orton's back into the LED board on the apron. Wyatt drops Orton face first into the barrier with Sister Abigail. The referee counts but Wyatt breaks it at 8. Orton rolls right back out to the floor. Wyatt runs around the ring but Orton ducks a clothesline. Orton drops Wyatt on the floor with a RKO outta nowhere. The referee counts again. Orton manages to get Wyatt back into the ring at the 7 count. Orton covers for a 2 count. Orton misses a punt kick. Wyatt kisses his head but Orton blocks Sister Abigail and hits a backbreaker. Orton goes on and drops Wyatt with a DDT. Orton hits the mat and readies for the RKO. Wyatt jumps up and nails Sister Abigail for a close 2 count.

Wyatt turns upside down and taunts Orton. The ring turns to bugs and maggots again. Wyatt stands tall but Orton nails a RKO outta nowhere for the win out of nowhere.

Winner and New WWE Champion: Randy Orton

After the match, Orton receives the WWE Title and stands tall to celebrate.

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