WWE Star To Reenact Presidential Debate, AJ Lee On What Irrationally Scares Her (Video), WWE Stock

- "Crazy Is My Superpower" publisher Penguin Random House posted this video of AJ Lee (AJ Mendez Brooks) talking about things that irrationally scare her - escalators, cats sitting on staircases she's walking up and incurring the wrath of a shaman.

- WWE stock was up 1.25% today, closing at $21.13 per share. Today's high was $21.15 and the low was $20.87.

- Dolph Ziggler and comedian Sarah Tiana will reenact a 2016 Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at their House of Comedy shows in Phoenix later this month. Ziggler is also being advertised for a "special presentation" show on April 26th. Ziggler tweeted these details on the gig:


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