WWE Talking Smack Recap (4/18): New #1 Contenders Charlotte And Jinder Mahal, The Colóns

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WWE Talking Smack Recap (4/18)

Our hosts Shane McMahon and Renee Young welcome us to this week's Talking Smack. We learn that Daniel Bryan is currently with Brie Bella who is currently getting ready to have a baby. Renee shows off a SmackDown Live Lousiville Slugger custom baseball bat that she received earlier in the day. She asks about the new opportunities being earned and Shane says this is the land of opportunity, mentioning Charlotte's win over Naomi to become the new SmackDown Women's Championship #1 Contender.

This week's first guest is new WWE Championship #1 Contender Jinder Mahal, who brags that he will go on to become WWE Champion all by himself. We go to footage of the six-pack challenge from earlier in the night, showing the Bollywood Boyz holding Sami Zayn from delivering the Helluva Kick to help Jinder win the match and the future title show. He says he heard the boos and when he wins the title, he will become the new American Dream. Renee tells him he has plenty of time to prepare over the next 5 weeks as WWE Champion Randy Orton prepares for Bray Wyatt, and Shane wants to know what Jinder was feeling standing face to face with a superstar like Randy Orton. He hesitates but says he sees fear in Randy's eyes, and that he is the future WWE Champion and American Dream.

As Jinder leaves Shane says Dusty is the American Dream, but he gets Jinder's point and puts over the land of opportunity. Renee asks what Shane thinks of Kevin Owens being the "Face of America," and Shane says that while he acknowledges his issues with KO in the past, he thinks he has enhanced his attitude and is taking advantages of the new situation.

Our next guests Primo and Epico join us and Renee puts over their win against American Alpha earlier tonight. Primo says that this isn't a popularity contest, and Epico says they are no strangers to championships. He reminds us of their past tag team title successes, and says that anyone who isn't them is in trouble. Renee asks if being friendly and making appearances is part of the job in the WWE, and they say it's not who they are. They both remind us of the Colón family heritage and say that Shane should know where they're coming from. Shane says it's nice that they can take the opportunity and run with it, and they say it's time to reclaim their throne before making their exit.

Renee talks about how SmackDown Live is growing and says she's excited to see what Lana will bring to the table before welcoming Charlotte Flair to Talking Smack. We are reminded that she is the new #1 contender to the SmackDown Women's Championship, and Charlotte asks if we're surprised. Shane says not at all, and he's impressed that after 7 days she's already in line for a title shot. Charlotte says nobody can outwork her, and Shane tells her that she earned her opportunity after asking for tonight's match with Naomi. Charlotte tells us that she is the "Dirtiest Player in the Game," and that she will be challenging for the Women's Championship next week on SmackDown Live. Charlotte says her goodbyes before leaving the table. Renee Young puts Charlotte over and Shane tells Renee not to overlook Naomi. He says Naomi brought some things tonight that might surprise Charlotte in their title match. That's all for this week as Renee signs us off!