Cody Rhodes On "Haters," Modeling Himself After Kane, Getting More Opportunities After Leaving WWE

Cody Rhodes spoke with Double G Sports on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Being able to compete on so many shows after leaving WWE:

"I feel really whole. It's so easy to tell people that you are good or you're great, and that they (WWE) didn't give me the opportunities I deserved. There does come a point however, where someone says they will check out an independent show I'm at and if you suck I know you were lesser than. Those moments have actually been pretty cool, because it's so fun to see negativity on social media and see it diminish. Its great to prove people right, but its even better to prove them wrong, and I'm obsessed with that. I've seen people admit that they have spoken too soon, and that they want me to win the ROH World Title (or any for that matter)."

"Haters" coming out when he first left WWE:

"I think there are less haters than before. We did start off a little rocky though. It could have started with the Evolve audience. To start off, I love Gabe and Evolve, especially Ethan Page. My first two show's there got a lot of viewers, but people judged me based off them. They weren't seeing what I was doing week in and week out after. This is where it's really happening, and I hope more people would check it out. The more streaming, the more FloSlam, the more FITE TV and the more PPV's help. I believe I've shown people that there is a lot left in the tool box and gas left in the tank."

His backstage attitude:

"I kind of model my attitude backstage and towards the business after Kane. He's running for mayor now. He is the best example on how to be an older gentlemen, a veteran in our business. Everybody after two-four years goes through that phase where they think they are a veteran. After about six years in you start to think you're really a veteran, and then you realize that it never ends. You should always treat everyone with fairness, kindness and shake everyone's hand the same way you would shake Vince McMahon's hand. Everybody matters. We all do this together. From the fan out there in the street who may or not be a collector to Vince, never devalue anyone."

Cody Rhodes also discussed ROH and his wife, Brandie Rhodes. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Double G Sports


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