Flashback Video: The Undertaker Breaks Character To Celebrate Eddie Guerrero's Birthday

Back in 2004, The Undertaker teamed up with Eddie Guerrero to face JBL and Orlando Jordan in a house show tag match in Florence, Italy. After Undertaker got the pinfall on JBL, he walked around the ring - while talking to Eddie - and motioned to the back. A number of wrestlers (Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Hardcore Holly) headed to the ring to give Eddie hugs.

Surprisingly, Undertaker broke chracter in front of the live crowd (something he rarely did) and told the Italian Announcer to let the audience know it was Eddie's birthday. Taker then gave Eddie a hug and presented a gift from the group, a single can of beer. Eddie shook it up and attempted to spray it, but the can didn't open quite right, so Big Show did work on it and drank the beer, instead. Undertaker then headed out, while the rest of the wrestlers celebrated in the ring.

You can watch the events unfold in the video above, the sound does cut out from the :16 to 1:16 mark.

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