Flip Gordon On Randy Orton's Comments About Indie Matches, John Cena's Gimmick, Becoming A Wrestler

Travis "Flip" Gordon (who was recently signed to Ring of Honor) spoke to Wrestle:List on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Randy Orton's comments about the indies:

"I actually just laughed at it. It makes a lot of sense but at the same time it doesn't. The whole rant pretty much says he makes more money doing less and he's right. He has a big platform, he has never wrestled on the Indies, and he's a third generation superstar. He didn't have to go through the Indies to get where he is. When you're on the independent circuit it's a lot harder to make a name for yourself. You aren't on national television every week. On the Indies you have to show everything you have to get that fan base. I have to show people that this is Flip Gordon this is what I can do that way people want to come and see me and book me. It is getting easier as I am getting a huge following and my name is getting out there. I did a lot in the beginning to make a highlight video and that really helped get my name out there."

Favorite pro wrestlers growing up:

"Eddie Guerrero and John Cena. I also loved Paul London, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam. There were so many that inspired me to be a wrestler. Eddie had something you can't teach and that was a connection with the fans. I think John Cena had the perfect gimmick at the perfect time. As a kid the rapper gimmick drew me to him because hip-hop was huge at the time. He did it so perfectly; he would make you laugh but you knew he would go out there and kick ass. He is also one of the hardest workers in the business."

How he got into pro wrestling:

"I was living in Idaho going to college and it just came to the time where there was nothing left in Idaho for me. I came to the realization that I shouldn't just keep telling people I wanted to be a wrestler and I should chase the dream. So I packed up my truck and everything I could fit in it and moved to the other side of the states. It took me about four days and the first place I went to was the Pro Wrestling Academy in New England. After six months of training I had my first match and then every started blowing up. After my first match I had made enough friends with other companies, plus my style and flashiness, helped me get more bookings. It all happened out of nowhere. I have only been wrestling for two years."

Flip Gordon also discussed his connection with fans and working in the UK. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Wrestle:List


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