Former WWE Star At War Of The Worlds, Charlotte Pokes Fun At AJ Styles' Hair, Nikki Bella (Video)

- Above, Nikki Bella talks about how she had to travel all around the world, before getting to Phoenix to be with Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan when Birdie was born. She also speaks on how they are going to be great parents, along with how strong Brie is.

- Former WWE Superstar Simon Gotch was spotted at ROH's War of the Worlds PPV last night. Gotch was released by the WWE on April 5. He's now working the independent scene as Simon Grimm.

- On Twitter, Charlotte was in a playful mood as she tweeted a photo to Styles with the caption, "Soccer Mom, don't be mad" in reference to his hair. In response, Styles sent this back:

Charlotte responded:


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