Former WWE Wrestler On Why AJ Styles Turned Down WWE In The Past

Former WWE talent Simon Dean was the latest guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show. During the episode, Dean discussed the dreaded "December to Dismember" pay-per-view, WWE's version of ECW, the Rip Rogers "dive" saga and more. He also discussed why AJ Styles declined signing with WWE in the past.

"I was right there for it," Dean said, via Daily DDT. "It was me and AJ. We were in Australia doing a tour for World Wrestling All-Stars. I told him I had been signed by WWE. They had a tryout in Cincinnati and he had went to that. I thought I was going to have to go to that, and I didn't, I went right through it. In Cincinnati, he'd told me basically, after the tour in Australia we'd come back, and they had a [show] in Vegas.

"Bob Ryder and Jeff Jarrett had come up to me, and they told me that they were launching this new company called TNA. I told them that I had just signed with WWE, and I want to give it a shot. They wanted me to come to TNA, and they wanted to build the company around AJ. So, it's not that AJ never wanted to go to the WWE, it was just that the offer was never right for AJ to come to WWE."

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.


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