Groom Walks Down The Aisle To Rock's Theme (Video), Tyler Breeze On Breezango Merch, WWE - Mae Young

- Above is video of the Groom (Bidemi) doing his best Rock impression as he walked down the aisle - to the WWE Superstar's theme - for his wedding. The video was published nearly two years ago, but it started to make the rounds recently, catching The Rock's eye on Twitter.

- WWE posted an article, Forever Young: The life and times of Johnnie Mae Young, which looks back at her younger days, how she got into pro wrestling, and her influence on wrestling. The upcoming 32-competitor women's tournament will be called The Mae Young Classic.

- On Twitter, Tyler Breeze made note that there looks to be demand for some Breezango merchandise. Currently on WWE Shop, Fandango and Breeze have zero pieces of merchandise, as a team or individually. Thanks to their recent feud with The Usos and "The Fashion Files," Breezango has become a hit with fans. They've also received praise from Rolling Stone.


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