Jerry Lawler Comments On Randy Orton Ripping Independent Wrestling

On the tenth episode of Dinner With The King, Jerry "The King" Lawler and Glenn Moore talk about the tweets from Rip Rogers and Randy Orton over the weekend. They sent us these highlights:

Lawler on today's indie wrestling (8:20 mark):

"I think that the problem Rip [Rogers] and Randy [Orton] have is what the young guys think they need to do to get noticed. It's what the young guys do in these matches that bothers guys who have been in the business for a while. The young guys, like they said, they have a tendency to go out there and try to squeeze in every single move that they know. Every dive. Every flip. Every flop. Everything they can put in one 15-minute match. So in order to do that, if you are going to put all those moves in, you're not going to have time to sell anything. It's just going to be one move after another until the match is over.

"That is not the way wrestling became what it is today. Not what I think veterans look at and not what the business is supposed to be. It's not that really entertaining for fans. I think that's Rip's and Randy's point they are trying to make there."

When he will hang it up and retire from wrestling (22:40 mark):

"When the non-wrestling appearances become more and more than the wrestling appearances. But I do not have a set end date when it comes to retiring from wrestling."

During this episode, Lawler also continued to talk about his feud with Andy Kaufman, this time including Jimmy Hart's involvement. You can listen to the full episode below:


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