Linda McMahon Doubtful That Vince McMahon Movie Will Be Made, Reveals Her Favorite Wrestlers

As noted, Sony's TriStar is creating a biopic on WWE Chairman Vince McMahon titled Pandemonium. WWE Studios is involved with the movie, as President Michael Liusi is one of the producers.

Early versions of the script had Vince McMahon discovering Roddy Piper in jail, Andre the Giant at a restaurant, The Junkyard Dog at a construction site, and Jimmy Snuka while watching an adult movie, with Snuka being a porn actor. The script is expected to be heavily changed with WWE involved.

Despite WWE being involved with the movie, Linda McMahon, who is the Administrator of the Small Business Administration under the Trump Administration, expressed doubts that it will be made in an interview with GV Wire, as seen in the video above.

"I've heard rumors of that movie," Linda said. "I'm not sure that movie will ever see the light of day."

Linda also discussed President Donald Trump's past forays into pro wrestling, and revealed that Vince is her favorite wrestler. She added that her son-in-law, Triple H, is her favorite of the current wrestlers. She also called the Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant WrestleMania III main event her favorite match of all time.


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