Post-RAW Note On Roman Reigns And Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes Defends Goldust, Austin Aries Video

- Above is video of Austin Aries talking to Mike Rome after he and Jack Gallagher defeated TJP and WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville on RAW. Regarding Aries making Neville submit for the first time since Neville joined the cruiserweight division, Aries says it was just another day at the office. Aries says this was the first time Neville couldn't find a cheap way to avoid doing what he's going to do this Sunday in their Submission Match at Extreme Rules - tap out. Aries says he, the fan favorite, will finally capture the WWE Cruiserweight Title on Sunday.

- There was no dark main event after last night's Extreme Rules go-home edition of WWE RAW in Greenville, SC. After Roman Reigns celebrated following his main event win over Seth Rollins, the two had some heated words in the ring before Rollins left. Reigns then posed some more and took his time leaving.

- As noted, another promo from Goldust aired on last night's RAW where the WWE veteran hyped the return of The Golden Age and his feud with former partner R-Truth. As seen below, a fan knocked the future WWE Hall of Famer but received a lashing in response from brother Cody Rhodes:

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